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  1. Rippednburnin

    Does charge count as a walk action?

    Thanks for the help. My wife got pretty upset because we just finished our first game with schemes. I had breakthrough while playing with Ramos. Needless to say I generated a ton of arachnids and slipped right passed her in to her deployment zone. She may not play again because to her it doesn’t make sense. Lol.
  2. Rippednburnin

    Does charge count as a walk action?

    So if my wife passed and charges does she flip for terrifying for each attack action she attempts?
  3. Using Howard Langston. I was charged on so does his terrifying ability activate? I say yes my wife says no because walk and charge are 2 different actions.
  4. Rippednburnin

    POSITIVE AND negative modifiers

  5. Help me out please. My wife and I were playing her with hired swords and me with the M&SU. How do you handle a situation where you must draw a negative modifier and a positive modifier? Do they just cancel each other? thanks in advance.