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  1. Ok, I do think the investigator is a bit high by maybe 1 point. But here is why I love using investigators. Please keep in mind that Lucious is a card grabbing, multiple activation and deadly with the new Agent 46 along with something that Agent can use with Mimic to pick up some deadly attacks. Which is where the Investigators come in. 1) Investigators have a push scheme bubble that works in collaboration with Lawyers, since they drop scheme markers that cause the investigator to freely move enemy models 3 inches away from the scheme marker. This allows Agent 46 to make another charge with the model that the investigator pushed back. 2) Investigator can also discard a card to make the a negative on attack flips, which helps a bit from what I have found. Remember, Lucious is a multiple activation crew with the 3 lawyers that he comes with. Lawyers that shield other models and drop scheme markers in the process. Thus again causing the investigators bubble to push them away again. 3) The stagger does cause some mayhem in combination with the card drops for a negative flip on attacks, which can also cause a negative flip on damage flips if they flip a low card to take away another high card. If you are looking for a straight beater crew; then this may not be your type of crew. It is a trick annoying crew to opponents, but they will pick you off one by one if you don't take advantage of grabbing cards when activating models outside of their turn (once per turn) and make your addition activations count.
  2. Her name is Cobaka, Marcus's ex-beast girlfriend. That Beast that got away, "Noooooo!" HAHA!! And to stop Marcus from mind controlling her, she has the pseudo "Aluminum Foil" Hat contraption to stop him from controlling her mind. She is the Lazarius to Guild, but Beast to Marcus. She ends up being Mei Fengs friend and learns the ways of fist fighting, thus the brass knuckles. Not that Mei Feng's squad needs anymore help with scrap moving and MI advantages. But that is my story and I am sticking with it.
  3. I would say they are Lucious's former cabinet members (The Commissioner, The Concierger or Bookkeepers) who died by Molly's hands during the Murderous evens that took place to the Guild. And now they are coming back to serve as Undead Mimics. More scheme action and table control for Lucious with an undead twist. :)
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