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  1. grammatoncleric18

    Any players in Metrowest Boston/Worcester?

    Hi Muraki, I appreciate you reaching out. Yeh, I would definitely be interested in playing at some point. I know that there is gaming space at the Whiz Store in Westborough MA and a few spots in Maynard MA. I have not ordered any models yet, but it seems like there is a chance to play some folks in the area I may now choose to invest. I would love to come to the June 2nd tournie but I don't think it is very possible at this point. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I am brand new to Malifaux (never even played a game) and was wondering if there were any communities/players in the Boston Metro-west/ Worcester area? I live in Hudson, MA currently and probably would not be able to commute far on weekdays after work. I am very excited about Malifaux so I hope there are some folks that play in the area. Thanks!