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  1. Just wanted to say thank you. Your advice and help have been important to me. I have ordered the Backdraft box, found one to share it with to lower cost, some gunsmiths since they are Lovely models and Carlos Vasquez. The next buy at some point should proberly be ironsides or so.
  2. So, basicly he should get the brew master or not get them at all?
  3. Hey, what masters would work well with these boys? A friend is looking to start grimlings as his first malifaux crew, and we are talking about splitting this box. He also loves the idea of piglets because attitude
  4. Thanks, some talk about kaeris need some support, so can she be competative? Or is something a must have?
  5. With all the new stuff and with what we know about m3e, what would you recommend to get after the kaeris crew box? My kaeris crew are sitting and feeling a bit lonely. Now that we know that reamus are not part of turnament. What will People recommend to get i order to get into 50ss
  6. Many things have happens. My kaeris crew are sitting and feeling a bit lonely. Now that we know that reamus are not part of turnament m3e and Backdraft are out. What will People recommend to get i order to get into 50ss.
  7. Nice. So perhaps I should reconsider the ramos box.
  8. Thank you. I have played warhammer, 40k, flames of war, infinity and so on. So quite used to handling models. But always Nice to know when models can be a little brittle. Ah, a full female crew sounds fun. Johan does sound like a solid option. I can image that it should be a second master box, that would be smart to buy first for the diversity. I do happens to have magnets and a little figure drill. Really looking forward to get kaeris in My mail.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks. Have ordered a kaeris crew box. Will consider what else to get. Want both ironsides and ramos. But My wallet say only one of them. And now one of My friends talk about starting grimlings. Thinking perhaps split the new through the breach box
  10. @WWHSD thank you for the Quick answer. It is solid advice. What master crew box would you recommend to compliment kaeris? If more than one, a prioritet list like 1 2 3 perhaps?
  11. Thanks for the answers. Cannot however stop feeling there is something I somehow have missed out on. For a little stupid thought. I do love female models! A little sad I know And again sorry that this noob I am, keep taking your time so much! Your help so far is really a big help! Lets expand the posibilities a bit. Ramos box comes with alot of goodies. But I worry if it have a good feel of synergy with Kaeris. I really love the feeling of everything comming together into a synergy. Some people have pointed out that the union miners can do great stuff for kaeris, I am not that fond of the models. However would it still be heavy recommended? The reason I get bringing the gunsmith up, is proberly a bit stupid. The reason is i really like the models look. And have a crazy idea that they might synergies well with kaeris. I might be very wrong offcourse. Dont know about willie. he seems like fire all day long. Dislike the model. so perhaps in that case, see if I can get miss fire instead if that is a good choise. So I will try to be more openminded now. So please, what would you recommendation be. I will order Kaeris saterday, given that I have a gift card to a shop, that gives a discount there given it is the shops birthsday. And if there is a must get model I forgot to mention. Let me know
  12. So would you recommend kaeris plus ironside or kaeris plus Carlos and gunsmiths as My first buy
  13. hmmm... thinking of doing the following Kaeris crew box. That will get me: Kaeris The firestarter 3 firegemins the eternal flame then perhaps add the following: Carlos (tank that are happy for fire) Gunsmith box perhaps some union minors? or go Kaeris + a addition crew box. I know many say that Ramos crew box is good addition. However cannot stop considering Toni Ironside or Mai Am I doing it wrong? Edit: found this about the Fire Golem https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2018/3/26/monday-preview-fire-golem Sounds really nice to Kaeris...! any idea about when it will hit the shelves and what kind of realworld money it is going to cost?
  14. dont worry, for me the most important part of a game is not the competive part, but the fun part. I would much rather have a fun match where both me and my opponent had fun, than something I would go home thinking, this I can win a turnament with.
  15. so far, thanks for all the nice answers. Adran in perticular 🙂 keep the advice comming how do you guys feel about the stuff in the ironside crew box? do kindof like the idea of having a mellee master for when i want it to be different. that said. how well does ramos liltle spiders harmonate with kaeris?
  16. Hi I was so lucky to win a gift card to a figure shop. so finally able to afford a way into malifaux! I have been thinking on starting a kaeris crew, my first crew for malifaux yay! However after the kaeris box, I am unsure about what to get in addition to her the models in her box. Carlos, gunsmith and so look interesting. However would a second crew box be a better buy of some kind? like Ironsides or Mai? Want to try out a burning game somehow Thanks for all the help Best regards Benjamin
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