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  1. Thanks, Tyrant! I totally overlooked the fact that they don't belong to anyone. That makes it way more simple.
  2. Hi guys, this is probably an easy one to answer. But as a newbie the wording is somehow confusing. The rulebook says... Discarding and placing markers seems to be a linked action here. So I'm forced to place a new marker when I want to discard other markers? And the other way round, I'm forced to discard markers when I want to place a marker? (only applies if there are any around of course) Also, when taking the Interact Action is it expected to actually discard ALL Claim Markers, even my own? Or is it possible to choose individually which one to discard and which one to keep? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for clarification, guys. Seems like scenario 1 is actually asking for specific house rules.
  4. Hi guys, quite knew to Malifaux, so maybe you could help me out with my two noob questions: Scenario - 1'' ht Elevation I stumbled across the elevation rules for LoS, see the attached picture. To my understanding there is line of sight between the left model (ht 3'') and the target model. But there seems to be no line of sight between the right model - The blocking object's height is NOT lower than the attacker or target's height. Even though you would think otherwise as both attackers practically reach the same height level. Therefore it seems like the 1'' ht elevation of the right model gets totally ignored for LoS, correct? Or do people actually measure from ground level instead? Scenario B - Elevated Markers When a marker gets placed on a small obstacle (ht 1'') like in the picture attached - What are my options on interacting with that marker? I assume models cannot interact from ground level, even with base contact to the obstacle. So to my understanding it is mandatory to climb up, stand on the marker to provide actual base contact and then interact, right?
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