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  1. Invite all the players of the Dnipro to Malifaux Summer League! https://vk.com/topic-91135425_39002087 Date: 14 July 2018 - 11 August 2018
  2. Solidrey

    [Ukraine, Dnipro] Demo, Angry Dice, 23 June 2018

    The first demo game. Only one newcomer( On the second demo there should be two beginners, then three, four, five ...
  3. Demo https://vk.com/angrydice?w=wall-91135425_2200%2Fall Date: 23/06/2018 19:00 Welkome to our demo, we are glad to see everyone.
  4. Thanks. I do not have a twin brother) consider one questionnaire
  5. I ran into a similar problem right now. Need help
  6. faced a similar problem right now