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    The big guys of neverborn

    Thanks for the reply guys. Looking at both Hooded, Barbaros and Emissarys cards I can imagine some fun uses and synergy, but I'm having a bit of trouble seeing where Mature Nephilim would shine. I like the model though so maybe I will try him out
  2. Maigaard

    The big guys of neverborn

    Hi guys - i've recently started playing malifaux again after a break since 1st edition and now i'm looking at what models to get for my masters Pandora and Lillith. I have my eye on the Mature Nephilim but I'm wondering where he would fit in since I've already got Teddy and Nekima. A more general question would be: What do you see as the strength and weaknesses of the 10+ SS models of the neverborn compared to each other? When do you use which and with which masters?