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  1. TheRopeTugged

    [GERMANY] Italian player looking for others

    Hi, you can find quite a few people playing Malifaux in Düsseldorf - just look for Drachental. Of course you could make the trip to Cologne as well and visit us at there at Top Tables. Fridays and Sundays are usually our Malifaux days. Language will not be an issue as most of us know at least enough English to go through a game of Malifaux.
  2. TheRopeTugged

    [Germany] Malifaux Demo Day / Impromptu Demos @ Top Tables Cologne

    Information above is still valid for July!
  3. TheRopeTugged

    Go To Master

    I started out with Pandora as I liked the box a lot and what I was told about how she would play there was no real alternative. Now I've got some other masters; Reva, Titania, McMo and Lynch. However, I still like playing Pandora the most. Unfortunately I can't play her in any situation since she tends to bring tears of rage (or agony) to the other players' eyes - and I don't want to do this to new players especially.
  4. TheRopeTugged

    [Germany] 1. Malifaux Draft Event @ Top Tables Cologne

    Thanks! In case I don't forget I'll give a short review. I've only played a couple of games in this format and am very excited to see how it'll work out over the course of the event.
  5. Hi all, on 22/07/2018 we will be hosting our first Malifaux Draft Event in the Top Tables store in Cologne. We will be playing 3 rounds with the following rules: Single Master 35 SS Crews may not be chosen but have to be drafted: Declare the Master to your opponent and flip an opposed duel The winner of the duel can choose if he wants to go first or second in the draft The player that goes first then chooses 2 models of the same station and shows them to the opponent who then picks one that he wants the other to have in his/her crew The players alternate in doing so until all models have been chosen No model may be offered more often than its rarity Peon Totems may be chosen without drafting 1 Master Upgrade may be chosen without drafting All other upgrades follow the same rules as models We will be playing 1 Strategy and a pool of 3 Schemes of which 1 has to be chosen. The time limit for an encounter (including draft) is 2h. The Event will take place at Top Tables Cologne Sternengasse 1b 50676 Cologne / Germany Starting time: 10:00. If you'd like to participate please let me know. There is no option to sign up online. Regards, Benjamin
  6. TheRopeTugged

    Dark Carnival, Hooded Rider, Juju, stuff

    Thanks a lot for the trade! I can only recommend Viruk as a seller. 👍
  7. Hi all, we'll be starting the second Season of Top Tables' Shifting Loyalties Campaign on Sunday, 8/7/2018. The campaign will run for 10 weeks with 9 weeks of playing and one week to catch up due to several people being on holiday sometime during the campaign. 1 game will need to be played per week with campaign weeks starting on Sundays. Games need to be played either in the Top Tables store in Cologne or under the supervision of a third party elsewhere. Facts: 35SS starting arsenal (with all usual SL rules applying) At least 1 model to be added each week No Avatars We'll be using optional rules for Hide Outs, The Good Doctor and not cheatable Finished Off Flips. In addition, fully painted crews will receive a bit of a bonus and will therefore receive a on the flip to determine deployment. Currently there are 13 people confirmed but we expect a few more to participate. Since there is no limit, if you happen to live nearby and are interested in participating just let me know. We'd be happy to welcome you! Regards, Benjamin
  8. Thanks to everyone involved for making this event such a great success! I'm looking forward to the next tournamend. Stay tuned!
  9. Hi all, I'll be offering Malifaux Demos every Sunday between 12:00 and 18:00 in the hallowed halls of Top Tables Cologne! In case you are not a member or do not possess a player's card at Top Tables you'll be required to pay the Sunday fee of € 3.50 to play there. To make up for that, your first drink will be on me! Of course you can still contact me or the store in order to set up a demo game at a time of your convenience. Please use one of the following ways to contact me/us: Myself: b-mack@gmx.de +49 (0) 170 349 07 27 Top Tables: info@top-tables.de +49 (0) 221 476 744 70 When? Every Sunday between 12:00 and 18:00 or after prior consutation. Where? Top Tables Sternengasse 1b 50676 Cologne / Germany https://www.top-tables.de/ What? Demo Games Rules Support Assistance in picking and / or assembling a crew Assembly / Painting support General chatting about the game (or anything else) I'd be happy and honoured to guide you into the fantastic world of Malifaux and teach you how to play this awesome game! If you're interested, stop by or contact me to set up an introduction. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. See you soon! Benjamin
  10. TheRopeTugged

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    She is also pretty amazing in a Reva Crew and allows you to not be required to take Guises of Death in order to be able to threaten the enemy half in Turn 1. In addition, Reva loves enemies with less Df and Wk so they can't escape all those Corpses thrown at them.
  11. TheRopeTugged

    To Wyrd: Errata'ed stat cards in Europe

    Although I totally agree with Europe requiring a better access to stat cards you still need to consider that customs will need to be paid no matter what. Therefore individual cards would probably be more expensive since the retailer needs to cover his cost for shipping and customs. That said, the only real improvement for us Europeans would be for a printing company / service this side of the pond to acquire a license to print Wyrd's stat cards - and I'm not sure how likely this is going to happen anytime soon. We - as a community - stick to ordering in groups to split shipping and customs. Every couple of months the one with the shortest straw has to place a large order and drive to customs to get the package. Really annoying task 😣
  12. TheRopeTugged

    Starting Malifaux, help getting started with Kaeris :-)

    Just play a couple of games with your crew box and get a feeling for the models and playstyle. Then figure out how you want your gaming experience to change / evolve and then buy models accordingly.
  13. TheRopeTugged

    German Nationals 2018 - 22nd/23rd September

    I can hardly wait! Why is September still so far away 😣
  14. Hi, Top Tables in Cologne is having its first Birthday. To celebrate this, the store will be open on Sunday, May 6th from 11:00 - 18:00. There will be Cake and Drinks! In addition, we'll be offering Malifaux demos throughout the day to anyone interested in checking out this awesome game! We hope to meet you there! Top Tables Sternengasse 1b 50676 Cologne
  15. Hi, we're having our first official Malifaux tournament in Cologne and would be happy to welcome you to Top Tables. When? 10/06/2018 Where? Top Tables Sternengasse 1b 50676 Cologne / Germany What? 50 SS Single Faction Gaining Grounds 2018 3 Rounds Additional information and registration: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=21751 Looking forward to seeing you there!