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    Rules Question: Cap to Aspects?

    Thank you both for the quick responses. Your answers inspired me to look harder in the rules given the uncertainty on the issue. Pg. 73 "Each character has four Physical Aspects and four Mental Aspects. Each of these typically ranges from -5 to 5, although some rare individuals may have Aspects that go lower or higher. An Aspect of 0 is considered to be the human average." Pg. 310 "On its turn, the subordinate character is controlled by the Ordering character. If the Ordering character is a Fated character, the subordinate character flips cards for Challenges on its turn as if it were a Fated character, but it may not Cheat Fate. Outside of its turn, the subordinate character uses its Rank Value in place of card flips, just like every other Fatemaster character." Thanks again for the help from you guys! Sorry that the answers were in front of my face the whole time!
  2. Just played the TTB Bad Things Happen "tutorial" adventure and my players and I loved it! Question: After character creation is finished, is there still a maximum of 3 to Aspects? In other words, can a player with a Speed of 3 increase her aspect to 4 (and later 5 and so on) when she is leveling up her character (upon accepting/rejecting a destiny step)? Also, I understand that a subordinate doesn't flip cards for defense and willpower resist attempts when attacked (just compare values according to the rules), I assume that a Fatemaster still has to make a damage flip (on a hit) though to determine what level of damage was done, right? Sorry for the basic questions but I want to get it right! Thank you!