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  1. looking at the app, the cherub is a "dead man's hand" model, so it won't be on the neverborn set, and may or may not be tournament legal.
  2. none, she's just a mild inconvenience
  3. "at the end of THE FRIENDLY MODEL'S activation" refers to the model selected for Vendetta. the only things that matter is that your model dealt damage to the target, and as a result, the target has less than half it's life remainig... it doesn't mean that your model HAS to be the one that makes it drop below half... it just needs to be below half after the attack
  4. Mind expanding on this? Or at least pointing me on the right direction so that i can understand why?
  5. well, yeah. But i'm not arguing for the sake of arguing. If it seemed that way, then i misspoke (misstyped? misswrote?) I'm trying to point out that the rules, as written, are ambiguous and how i genuinely think they could be clearer and leave no room for subjective interpretation. As of right now, terrain markers may count as terrain because "they have terrain traits, so why shouldn't they count?" the way i see it, the problem is that the game should play according to the rules, not to assumptions. Maybe cross referencing many other rules it becomes clearer, but hunting references across 45 pages of material is just... ugh I think a simple "terrain markers count as terrain for strategies and schemes" would have sufficed.
  6. yeah, and, while i agree that what you are saying is probably the spirit of the rule, it's not what it actually says. warning, i will be pedantic, and i'll play the devil's advocate. The rules say "Markers that count as terrain will have one or more Terrain Traits". Let's play with a bit of propositional logic A: "the marker counts as terrain" B: "the marker has at least one terrain trait" The rules state that A implies B the problem is that saying "a marker with terrain traits is terrain" take the form: A implies B. B therefore A. And this is an affirmation of the consequent, a logical fallacy you need "B implies A" Then, all markers that count as terrain have terrain traits, AND all markers that have terrain traits count as terrain.
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