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  1. Don't want to have to create ANOTHER thread for this...but if the lone swordsman flips the red joker to hit...does he get to choose which suit he triggers or does he get all of them?
  2. Looking at my katakana sniper's rifle ability. On damage I have +flips and flip two rams. Do I add 2 damage to the total or just 1 due to the higher card total. thanks!
  3. Now THAT'S the kind of tech I like to hear.
  4. Your article made me want to buy this guy!
  5. That is the issue. I've googled and I find nothing but people's rankings with no lists. Since I'm new I don't really know what lists and archetypes are present as of yet.
  6. I've been looking around on the web and can't find anything like tournament results or the lists those players played. Is there a good place to view all these?
  7. Those are the changes I had made in the app. I just misremembered.
  8. Stupid me. He is in there and I wrote my list from memory. Whoops! Good call out! Also HRM over 10T Bro is because I have HRMs and not 10T bros atm. That was simply a "this is what I have" pick lol.
  9. Trying this against my friend who is also new. Shenlong (wandering river) Peasant Yu (promising disciple, peaceful waters) Emissary(conflux of dawn) Lone Swordsman(recalled training) Katakana Sniper High River Monk Low River Monk
  10. The black text makes it hard to read.
  11. I don't currently own Yasu so Sensei Yu is definitely going in.
  12. Okay! Got a couple of games in at 35 points with Mei, 2 high river, 2 rail crew, kang and lone swordsman. This game is super super fun but I think I'm going to enjoy shenlong a bit more than Mei. Other than katakana snipers and effigy what does his normal list look like?
  13. There is a difference in "negative play experience" and "being countered". You can play around a counter. You can try to outplay your opponent really well. A negative play experience would be dropping a gunline into an army that can't be shot at. Or playing into an opponent that at any moment can say "you are 19 inches away from my leader, he uses his feat." which knocks you down and proceeds to shoot you to death(you only miss if you roll double 1s at that point.) Like I said I know more of them from warmachine/hordes (my main game) but it can be very frustrating. When you lose no matter how tight you played due to a ridiculous ability that you cannot stop...that's an NPE to me.
  14. NPE stands for New Player Experience. Any crew has the possibility to be NPE, but some such as Nicodem and unnerfed Storm Misaki were most-certainly NPE. If an experienced player calls out NPE, I ask them how long they have been playing and if they know what a new wave release is. Not reading up on new waves or not even reading cards as an experienced player is not an NPE. It's just an idiot that loses and wants something else to blame for his loss. If I see you bring a blast master and they stack my entire crew together, am I allowed to even call it NPE when it's just an experienced player being foolish? Can I call NPE on Rasputina when I first play against her and go "nah dawg I don't need to read your cards, I'll wing it"? Experienced players are not allowed to call NPE on something as the N in NPE is missing. It's just a casual player meeting something for the first time and not paying enough respect to it. I was pretty sure most people used NPE as "negative player experience" meaning that even if you play your best whatever makes the model have an NPE (I know way more of these from Warmachine) makes the match almost unwinnable.
  15. Ok another newbie question. I noticed that Kang comes with a shovel AND a hammer. Does it matter which I put on him (like 40k) or not?
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