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    Very new player here. After playing the Me2 Starter box with my wife and coworker, we all decided to grab a box starter set and start playing for reals! I chose Lady J's box, primarily because I do like in-your-face melee and the Death Marshals are wicked-cool minis. I looked at several threads here and picked up a few extras to complement and stay some what thematic. The extras include Guild Hounds, Austringers, and DMR. The hounds have been fun to paint (about halfway done), but the others are still in the boxes. My question is, does anyone run 4 hounds or 2 Austringers or 2 DMR? I ask, because I'm not overly fond of the non-flaming skull DMR, and am considering re-selling the sprue, but ... Thanks in advance!
  2. EricR

    Initiative Re-Flips

    Awesome, thank-you!
  3. Hello everyone, total newbie here. My wife and I bought the starter box set and have played all five encounters. We are having some trouble with the use of soul stones and re-flipping initiative. We have confused each other. So when you burn a sound stone to refill, do both player filp again, or just the player who used the sound stone? I tried searching the forums, but I think this is such a basic question. Thanks for any help!
  4. EricR

    Some ideas for improving the app

    I’m with Terry, the App needs landscape orientation in the worse way!