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    Physical Descriptions

    Ok. In that case, meet Kimber Daniels. I need to paint her up.
  2. CaptShiny

    Physical Descriptions

    Any of the characters descriptions would be great.
  3. Played TTB for the first time tonight. I love the system, it was easy to figure out. All the characters are interesting. I do have one complaint though. There isn't a lot of detail on the physical appearance of the characters. I played Kimber Daniels and want to use the female kit I have to assemble a model. What does everyone think she would look like?
  4. CaptShiny

    H: LE Models and Foil Cards W: Selected Models or $$

    I am interested in the Sonnia Criid card.
  5. CaptShiny

    #1 with a Bullet - A Perdita journal

    Has there been any updates? I was thinking of using this list but dropping a few upgrades and putting in the peacekeeper.