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  1. Relatively new to 10T - and I'm having trouble finding models with any condition removal abilities. Am I just not seeing it - or does the faction generally have a tough time vs. crews that put out a lot of conditions?
  2. Tuco and Angel Eyes are good counters to blast-heavy or shockwave-heavy crews. I found them useful in specific match-ups. Evasive helps out a lot against crews led by Sonnia or Wong for example.
  3. Played a game with Dreamer and the new Lucid Dreams this week. For a bonus action that is on a bunch of models in the crew - it's really lost a lot of value. I'm sure most of this has been said already - but I'm willing to restate it. Discarding cards from hand has no synergy with a Dreamer-themed crew. I feel like we had this issue earlier in the closed beta as well (with the old discard to interrupt and get a free attack ability). 1) Dreamer wants to hold on to some cards for Protected. 2)Teddy wants a card for Flurry 3) Serena wants a card for Demise This means that you want to be very careful about emptying your hand in a Dreamer crew - as discards for those abilities are usually better than removing a random low card from your deck. Lucid Dreams was a good bonus action before - and I never felt that it was too powerful - though I'm sure there were outlying cases where people were able to discard 10+ cards from their decks by the end of the game. However, I liked the fact that it had a palpable cost (the irreducible damage) and could also affect activation order. If I had an Ace on the top of my discard pile, maybe it was worth it to activate the model with the ability earlier in the turn than I had really wanted. In my game this week - I used the ability once - which means that the bonus action on a number of models might as well not be there the rest of the game. If this is the direction they go with Lucid Dreams - it really loses a lot of value - and the crew could use another bonus action to help fill the void (which seems like a lot to add this late in the process).
  4. Shooting Chompy-Dreamer is how I learned him (summoning Dreamer adds an extra layer of difficulty if you're not used to it (depends on how new to the game you are)). Though, if you want a super-flexible non-summoning Dreamer, taking Growing Up, Sleep Cycles, and Tantrum gives you lots of options and plenty of opportunities to get Chompy on the table. His obvious synergies are with Nightmares - and you can always summon Alps & Daydreams. A good crew would likely have Lelitu (her Lure is great in GG '18), a Daydream or two for the pushes and to sack if Dreamer gets in trouble, and a Stitched Together is a good base. Coppelius is relatively good at running schemes (though he's a bit expensive for it) - and is pretty good at hunting down opposing scheme runners (due to his speed and Horror Duel generation). Honestly, with the Hooded Rider now at 10 stones - I have a tough time keeping him out of any crew. Bring Serena Bowman and you can make him a Nightmare (or any other minion/enforce you want to throw Warped Reality on) - which gives you other options as well.
  5. If you have "From the Shadows" - you can't interact on Turn 1. You can perform interact actions on the following turns. It doesn't matter if you deploy in or out of your deployment zone.
  6. Lilith is a good all-around master and doesn't have too many model-dependent synergies. She works well with models with Black Blood (the twins (Lelu & Lelitu) who are also Nightmares). She can be a beater-master with a Lure & Pounce (that she gets from an upgrade), or a control master on who can summon terrain (a different upgrade).
  7. The challenge I always have with Melee Dreamer is correctly managing his waking while trying to get the most out of his AP. The upgrade gives you the ability to lower or raise waking - which gives you a lot of flexibility (but you have to hit to make it work). I've wiffed on my final AP a few times, which = No Chompy, which can be frustrating. Learning how to manage your waking & AP with Dreamer is one of the biggest challenges of playing him. That being said - his flexibility (Support/Shooty-Dreamer, Summoning, and now having a decent melee (which also gives a melee attack to Daydreams (which is more valuable than I first gave it credit for))) means he fits into a lot more scheme pools.
  8. Not sure it is has been said yet or not -but switching A Thousand Faces into Fears Given Form on a well placed Nekima can be devastating to an opponent's crew. Or at least force them into some hard choices (which is always good).
  9. I'm not sure on the usefulness of A Thousand Faces. Do you usually leave it on for the free AP if the model dies? Or do you end up switching it out for something like Fears Given Form on Nekima or Malifaux Provides (depending on Schemes/Strats), or Retibutions Eye (depending on opponnet's crew)? I would imagine it is more useful for the flexibility it provides - but I'm always worried about spending the SS on the upgrade and not getting the use out of it.
  10. Question on Rougaru/Tooth Pounce timing: If Tooth lures uses her Challenge of Summer - and pulls the model in to Pounce range for a nearby Rougarou - does the Rougarou's Pounce take place before either of the attacks generated by the Challenge of Summer? Or does the Pounce not go off until after the entire Challenge Action is complete? If Pounce doesn't trigger until after the Challenge text is completed - assuming Tooth survives the swing from the enemy model - and then Tooth hits on her attack (generating a Push) - does the Rougarou then get two (2) Pounce attacks on the enemy model (One (1) from the Push from the Challenge, One (1) from the push from Blossoming Blade attack)? Thanks!
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