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  1. Arkoriel

    New player from Boston

    Fantastic, though these models only come as part of the entire set though? I'll have to find some friends from other Factions to trade the extraneous models. with. Thanks.
  2. Arkoriel

    New player from Boston

    Hello @Scatterbrain. In accordance with the other, very recently emergent faction that I play in a certain malrose world, I am planning on fielding Yan Lo as a Resurrectionist. I enjoy the lore behind those who have gazed beyond death's veil and emerged changed. I've just gotten the app and begun exploration within. How many miniatures do most crew contain though? I'd like to build as many as possible yet keep costs (both in-game and in-reality) low.
  3. Arkoriel

    New player from Boston

    Hello all, I have decided to try out this miniatures game as the models look delightful and the entry cost seem to me to be low. I'm planning on starting with Yan Lo as my Master as I love his model, as well as those of the Ashigaru. I'd like some advice on what else I should be getting; I have on hand the free digital rulebook from DriveThruRPG. My thanks.