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  1. Qualvanda

    Mike Asks Questions

    Generally, no. Some pursuits give bonuses to your subordinates, but that is a result of you advancing, and they get benefits from that. Otherwise it's up to your Fate Master if he/she feels extra benevolent that day However, nothing in the rules say that you can't give your subordinates ridiculously modded weapons and grimoires.
  2. No, XP is only spent on skills or skill triggers It can be pretty swingy because it's a limited amount of cards in the deck, so if you only draw awful cards at first, you know that the bottom half of the deck is mostly good cards, and vice versa. And sure, you can abuse , but it's not always a good thing either, since you are more likely to draw the black joker, which you can't cheat. Some skills are easier to geton than others though.
  3. The one thing I can think of is that you pretty much need someone in the group who can take care of Crit effects, especially the Bleeding out condition. Almost all the Crit effects are pretty balanced, but the bleeding out effect is horrible for players. If you don't have anyone with a high enough doctoring skill, you are dead within a minute, and if the doctor is the one who got it, there's almost no hope of survival, because removing it on yourself is really hard. That being said, I like the urgency of the effect, I just think it's a bit too hard to remove. Other than that, I like this system because it's not much that breaks the game, it's really thought through, and fairly well balanced. Sure, some pursuits are stronger than others, but all pursuits seem useful in what they do, so none of them seem underpowered.
  4. Qualvanda

    Spell-like manifested powers and Grimoires

    Oh, yeah... forgot about that one, but generally no, Manifested Powers are usually set in stone
  5. Qualvanda

    Spell-like manifested powers and Grimoires

    So no, unfortunately. However, if you go into Mage, their "New Manifestetion"-talent let's you add immutos to your existing manifested powers. or if you're looking for something less permanent, they also have "Triggered Immuto" which let's you have an immuto on a trigger. Besides that, I don't know if there are any ways to add more immutos to your manifested powers.
  6. Qualvanda

    Ghost Eater and Chi

    It stays until used, so you can store it from every mob you kill during a campaign and have +3 to all attacks when fighting the end boss if you wish. (Wouldn't recommend it, but it works )
  7. Qualvanda

    Bestiary List w/ Page Numbers

    I think Rank # is better, it's more exact, and you can figure out if it's an Enforcer or Minion or whatever from it. Also, thanks for this list!
  8. Qualvanda

    Above the Law at Gencon?

    True, it just seemed really strong at first This seems just too fun, I really need to play one next time I get the chance. Do you think my players mind if I abort the campaign I'm holding and say "Screw you, I wanna play this instead!"? xD
  9. Qualvanda

    Above the Law at Gencon?

    They sound amazing! I must play one! 😮 I read this, and in my upcoming campaign, one of my players is a performer who wants to join Collette, and this seems like a fitting theory for her. Is there any drawback for this, or is the theory just as stupidly op as I think it is? I mean moving and casting spells at the same time seems really strong.
  10. Qualvanda

    Above the Law at Gencon?

    One thing I've been wondering ever since I first heard it is: How does the Bureaucrats favor-system work?
  11. Qualvanda

    Hard to Kill talent missing

    It's been moved. It's now a pursuit talent if you play drudge
  12. Qualvanda

    TTB "balanced" Drama Time

    Since the groups of players can vary so much, it's really difficult to do a "Balance list". If you have a group of 4 players, a Henchman can be a balanced encounter, if you have 3 players, and one of them thought that the Academic Pursuit would be amazingly fun to roleplay, that Henchman would probably TPK the group in 4 rounds. It all depends on your groups setup... If you don't have any AoE damage, large group of minion characters could ruin your day, but if 2 or more have some AoE that same group of minions could be dead before they even reach the players. If you don't have anyone with the doctoring skill, a peon with the ability to give you "Bleeding Out +1" can outright kill a PC. Anything with Black Blood can ruin a group with melee focus, but if everyone is an expert marksman, those Nephilim will be dead before they reach you, however, THAT group will get brutally murdered by a swarm of rats, since they probably won't be able to defend themselves in melee. See where I'm going with this? You have to get a feel for your group, where are their strengths/weaknesses, try to start small, and ramp up the difficulty if they start to steamroll. Have encounters with hidden reinforcements that can barge in from the back door after 5 rounds if the fight is too easy, or if you notice that the fight is balanced, or even too hard, maybe the reinforcements don't show up, or they are a separate fight after the PCs have had a chance to catch their breaths.
  13. Qualvanda

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Yes, but someone with the skill knows what they're doing, while someone with natural talent just seem to have an affinity for it. So in that regard someone who has practiced the art of something, should be more inclined to have a few tricks up their sleeve
  14. Qualvanda

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Yes, that was a rule in 1st edidtion, we just kept it. It's so easy to die in the game though, so putting one rank in toughness doesn't hurt anyone anyway But I see your point, doesn't feel like OUR group suffered too much from it, though... but I can't speak for every group.
  15. Qualvanda

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Yes, you keep your initiative all through Dramatic Time, some actions can change this number (Wait actions lowers by 1, and Pass actions raises by 1) Yes, you can use any skill, and you just go by your aspect, since you have no skill ranks to modify it with. Some skills can be tricky though, mostly crafting, since you need a certain skill rank to be able to do specific things. (You can't make Artillery weapons until you have rank 4 in blacksmithing) In our group we have houseruled that you can't cheat fate on skills that you have no ranks in, because you're not supposed to be good at them, but you can still get lucky. However, that is just an optional rule, and has nothing to do with the REAL game mechanics