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  1. Qualvanda

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Yes, but someone with the skill knows what they're doing, while someone with natural talent just seem to have an affinity for it. So in that regard someone who has practiced the art of something, should be more inclined to have a few tricks up their sleeve
  2. Qualvanda

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Yes, that was a rule in 1st edidtion, we just kept it. It's so easy to die in the game though, so putting one rank in toughness doesn't hurt anyone anyway But I see your point, doesn't feel like OUR group suffered too much from it, though... but I can't speak for every group.
  3. Qualvanda

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Yes, you keep your initiative all through Dramatic Time, some actions can change this number (Wait actions lowers by 1, and Pass actions raises by 1) Yes, you can use any skill, and you just go by your aspect, since you have no skill ranks to modify it with. Some skills can be tricky though, mostly crafting, since you need a certain skill rank to be able to do specific things. (You can't make Artillery weapons until you have rank 4 in blacksmithing) In our group we have houseruled that you can't cheat fate on skills that you have no ranks in, because you're not supposed to be good at them, but you can still get lucky. However, that is just an optional rule, and has nothing to do with the REAL game mechanics
  4. Qualvanda

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    I must say that I like the new version of this class! I have one pointer though, and that is that Rapid fire comes really early, all the other classes that get that ability (Rapid fire or Flurry) get it at level 5. I think it's a bit too strong at level 3. I would suggest switching Rapid Fire with Improved Fletching, to get it more balanced.
  5. Qualvanda

    Jackalopes and shapeshifting

    Yes, that I am aware of. I was just wondering about if I could heal 17 wounds and all crit effects in one round, and then change back and start swinging my axe once more. Also, if this works, can I get back loss of limbs in the same way? If my arm would get amputated, can I Shapeshift into a jackalope, die, and get it back?
  6. Qualvanda

    Jackalopes and shapeshifting

    Do Jackalopes keep their critical effects when they "die"? If you read the flavor text it doesn't seem like it, but nowhere in their skills does it state anything about it. I was wondering because of the Shapeshift magia. It says that you gain all of the creatures talents, and in my last fight I was at -16 wounds and the last one standing in my party, so in that case it would be nice to just have a nice way to heal 17 wounds and get rid of all crit effects as a fail safe. I mean I would never break the game in that way myself, but I was wondering if it was possible for people less honorable than me would think of it (A)
  7. Qualvanda

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    I think you're confusing Ability Manifested Powers with Spell-like Manifested Powers. In a Spell-like Manifested Power, you choose magias and immutos and try to make a "Spell" that doesn't use any Grimoire. In an Ability Manifested Power, you try to come up with an ability you would like your character to have, think of it more as Pursuit or General Talents. You can actually steal Pursuit Talents from a different pursuit that you don't have any ranks in, if you want your Drudge to have the Relentless Talent from the Criminal, but it doesn't fit in well with your character to go down all the steps in the Criminal Pursuit. But you might as well make something up from scratch, I made a character that had a trigger on throwing "(M) Made you Look: After failing, discard a card to immediately make another attack with + to the attack flip." Nowhere in the book can you make that ability, but it worked with the theme of the character, as he relied very heavily on tricking people. All the examples you gave are examples of Ability Manifested Powers, and as such, they do not follow the Magia/Immuto creation.
  8. Qualvanda

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Why not something along the lines of: "That STILL only counts as one! Anyone can shoot from afar, where's the fun in that? The competitive nature of this character likes a bit of rivalry to keep him focused. So he tends to make everything a challenge. When this character gains this ability, choose a friendly character. Both characters gain the condition 'Friendly Rivalry: When this character scores the killing blow on a target, if his rival can see or hear him, that character gain Focus +2' If the rival would die or leave for more than two weeks, you may discard a card to appoint a new rival"
  9. Qualvanda

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Except you know... the General Talent "Call Shot"
  10. Qualvanda

    Funny Stories or Fatemaster Headaches

    I recently was the FM in a campaign that had a player whose character was a copycat, and the backstory was that she grew up in the woods, and tried to fit in by copying others. We also had a character who was a forgotten, and had access to the forget magia. The whole party got arrested for stealing food from the rulers personal kitchen, and was brought in for judgement. The moment before they enter the room, our forgotten makes the guards forget why they were arrested. And then the copycat makes a successful Deceive duel (WITH the fucking tomes trigger!!!) against the ruler, making her believe that she was her long lost sister. So our copycat goes from a savage from the woods, to being a noble lady... Totally didn't screw up my plan, I promise xD
  11. Qualvanda

    Gary's Grimoire Emporium and Notary Public!

    I made one for a "not so terribly honest" magician, so it would be easy to borrow things from stores. Top hat of Fanciness Appearance: It looks like a fancy top hat that would appeal to most people. Magia: Conjuration, Invisibility, Forget. Immuto: Delay, Increase Duration, Increase AP. Special: You must be wearing it on your head to make it work. It also changes appearance to either help you out with what you're doing if you draw well on skill checks (like slowly growing in size if you're trying to make gremlins do something or become a cowl if you're trying to stealth in the dark). Or it can make you fail even harder if you draw poorly (like starting to crack in the seams when trying to impress a rich man, or start to glow when you're trying to hide from guild guards).