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  1. Thanks for the breakdown. DI has been the source of some bit f back and forth for us.
  2. I wish I did as well... I will probably pick up two bikes when they are available...
  3. Revision!! I got it! Wooooohooooooo!!!
  4. I'm a little bummed out. Still have not received my email... 😞
  5. Hmmmm... I don't know. I mean I love you WYRD, but I totally dodged the My Little Pony thing as a Kid and have no desire to walk back down that dark, dark road of my youth... But, it they were say VORPAL BUNNY RABBITS instead of pig ponies... !!!! That would be AWESOME!!!!! ... I know I am probably alone in this, but I will just go in my happy place and dream about it ...
  6. mmmm... I got a question. "Where do they put the Camera when they joint the costume halves????"
  7. Musicals? The Guild Loves Musicals!!! ...NOT!!! The one in the center reminds me of a young "Christian Bale", btw!
  8. Bizzrak


    Wooow!!! Amazing!!
  9. Whispers: Hey buddy.... Yeah you. Come over here... Can I interest you in the letter "Q"? Maybe the number "9"???
  10. So is that picture all that's left of the Guild's Military Arm? Oh, how the mighty have fallen... (smirk)
  11. "Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor" "he doesn't live anywhere near me" "Well ok, then! GUILTY!!!" ~Guild Justice 101
  12. They don't get Stronger when the fire team is reduced... They Get "Strungah" and "Maaddah"!!
  13. I wonder, can the mimic the abilities of non-horde friendly units, if you are fielding a dual faction commander?
  14. A page out of the Jungle Book maybe. The GUILD's India Contingent decided to upgrade the Guild Hounds? Now they have the Orangu-Tank???
  15. Funny! It took me too long to get it. RAIL GUN on a TRAIN... I am a little slow on the uptake (lol)!
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