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    McM Help

    The List is pretty good and I've played him very similar. Though it is definetly not suited for the first encounter. Nobody in the list really has time for any of the schemes or the strat, I would consider picking a different Master here. If not possible, I would look for some out of keyword scheme runners. Archie instead of the Rider would be an idea, highly mobile and also scary enough to through in for damage if needed or hunt other scheme runners. Also he doesn't mess with you poison engine, because he can't be poisoned. The list should handle the other encounters reasonably well
  2. For Reckoning I prefer Dr. McMourning or Jack Daw Both crews have a lot of killing potential and while Molly or Kirai also can kill the enemy easily, they are much more likely to also give the opponent opportunity to score. Especially the Experimental crew can be quite tanky in my experience. Yan Lo can also be a good choice with his elite, tanky crew. Molly & Kirai though absolutly shine in Corrupted Idols and Turf War. In Corrupted Idols it's so good to just summon a model which takes the damage and Turf War is much easier with more models, so you can deny points by killing your opponent and still have someone to flip yours. Seamus could also be a niche pick in Turf War, but I've never tested it. My first choice for Plant Explosives would be Molly or Seamus. Seamus brings a lot of mobility alone and I've testet Molly with the Emissary, which makes the Crew quite fast. Also Archie and a Night Terror make a good flanking unit which can pretty easily plant 3 Markers. Sadly I have the feeling that while Jack is my favourite master, he and McMourning often have the problem that they and their crews are just too slow. If the Encounter is also scheme heavy I would not choose them (and probably never choose Jack into corner deployment from the start) I've only had 1 Match with Albus and he seems decent at everything, but also doesn't excel anything either. Didn't include Reva here because I didn't read into her at all (although I will at some point as I have her crew)
  3. Dr. McMourningThe Whisper / Killer Instinct Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian (8) Thomas Rafkin (8) Dead Rider (11)Grave Spirit's Touch Flesh Construct (7) Nurse (6) This is my "standard" McMo list, which I'm very happy with. You could exchange the Dead Rider for a Kentauroi and/or the Nurse for Guild Autopsies or Little Gasser but I'm happy with this. He definetly needs some kind of movement help, so a Kentauroi or Dead Rider is a must, and the Kentauroi simply dies way too easy for my taste But I'm curious to see what others think of him and maybe play him completely different
  4. Hey, just a quick question: Is the range for the drop on "Launch into Space" from Wong limited to 6" or anywhere within LoS? The range to launch it is 6" thats clear, but I'm not sure on the 2. part...
  5. Hey guys, maybe you can help me out: Can I use the bonus action with Ceaseless Advance? Most of the time where I saw it, actions that forbid it have a "non action" written in it, so I'm not sure
  6. Summoning now just gives the opponent a Pass Token, you don't discard your own. Also Tara and Aionus have triggers to create Pass Tokens themself
  7. I've testet Jack Daw, Dr. McMo, Albus and Kirai and I enjoyed Jack Daw the most, so he will be my favorite toy Dr. McMourning felt the strongest though and I can't imagine him being any weaker than Molly, the guy himself is a beast and all the poison is crazy. My opponents learnt to hate Sebastian and Rafkin so much...Only the Guild Autopsies never really fulfilled anything, but thei're cheap I guess... But maybe it's my lack of vision on Molly, maybe you guys could share a couple of your lists? Had no real clue what to think of her after only reading, but I will definetly try her. Albus and Kirai are in a good spot, and just from reading I would say the same for Yan Lo and Reva (though her whole burning mechanic seems weird to me) Only Seamus feels...well boring as hell. Maybe not even that weak (though also not strong), but I don't see me trying him out soon But would be boring if everybody likes the same stuff eh?^^
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