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  1. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Thank you very, much. I just got hired on the new Tom Hanks flick Greyhound. So it might be a minute before I can try and convert them. I did get a message from Brass Monkey that be was going to do a conversion too, so he'll probably beat me to it. Since he's monitoring this thread, he'll probably make use of the scan too.
  2. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Copy that. Thanks.
  3. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    @Omenbringer, yes please. I only have PWU since I recently got into it. I can use the old stats to come up with something comparable at least. If Brass Monkey doesn't beat me to it.
  4. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Nice find!
  5. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    It would be nice to have one for the Teddies upgraded to PWU format(wink, wink - nudge,nudge Brass Monkey), since we could at least print Standees for the Teddies, and I think they would be a cool addition to the game. Also, I'd love to locate the info on what different colored teddies do?
  6. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Did find thiese, but I believe the stats are for PW not PWU, and it's missing the movement stat
  7. Rippula

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Hello people who still read this. I recentlry started playing PWU, and found this forum with Brass Monkey's PDF of stat cards for the PW original models(thank you muchly sir!), but through my researching of the game on the internet, I keep coming across images of(and I believe a pic of a model for) a Teddy Bear puppet. Does a Stat card exist for this character for use in PWU? Quote from TalkFantasyFootball.org: "So, a little while ago Wyrd had a limited run of a box of five teddies for Puppet Wars. They each have different rule cards co-responding to their coloring." It's been noted that they did release rules for these teddies. There was a giveaway from Gencon 2014, Miss Ery that would also be great, is there was a PWU card created for it.