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  1. I think he’s fun. His crew is really fast. It can do some very non-linear things with pig-obeys on several of the models so your opponent can’t really just leave pig models alone even after they have activated. Piglet summoning is quite good and we have our very own Bayou Pig Fitter in the Hog Whisperer (oh how I hated when my opponent flipped the red joker and picked it up with a Steam Fitter - now my opponent can hate me too ❤️). Ulix can be pretty hard to play into crews that punish you for staying close together. You also need to be a bit careful with the smaller piggies in killy strats since they tend to die. He is super cool against crews that need corpse markers to function because the piggies don’t leave any.
  2. I’ve played quite a few games with Ulix and Old Major in closed beta. Old Major started out the beta with adding crows to friendly pigs. It was not very useful. Changing it to rams was a good thing IMO. Yes; it does restrict your playstyle and encourages you to create a power pig ball. I find it fun and challenging - especially against crews that punish bunching up. It means you have to make hard choices. Most of the M3E strats and schemes encourage spreading you crew -= hard choices for a Ulix crew. Old Major isn’t bad offensively either. A lot of the time; it can make sense to charge him in at later turns. He is not just a buff taxi anymore IMO. I used to play Neverborn, and I missed the fancy tricks in the beginning, but after playing beta Ulix for a while; I am very happy with the non linearity of him and his crew in the current version. I hope they don’t change anything.
  3. Ulix and maybe some more Ulix and a little bit of Nellie
  4. I have 3 (at one point in the beta; they were very easy to summon 😁 ). I think 2 is a reasonable number if you don’t hire any. I have used 2 in the last couple of games.
  5. Do they add a ram to their damage flip? Does that actually do something? Or do they still get + damage? ”Ate Everyone’s Food” was a cooler name....
  6. I love new Ulix. He is super fun
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