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  1. kevin7


    Oh god I hope a solution because 445$ for my pre-order is a big money for me ...
  2. kevin7


    Oh thanks
  3. kevin7


    Thanks, I send a message to Backerkit but no answer at the moment, and I don't know where is the Customer service in the Wyrd website
  4. kevin7


    And Sorry to ask it, About the refund What is possible?
  5. kevin7


    Hello guys, Since my pre-order I had economical problems and I must to cancel my-order to ToS...Sorry for the Wyrd team
  6. kevin7

    Units command zone

    Okay because in my test with the Siren Call one fireteam in the unit was forced to quit area, so thank for your answer.
  7. An other question for my playtest with proto, If I understand every unit except independant traits have a command zone of 8' between every firenteam which composed them, If a fireteam isn't in this area what will happend for her, can't activate or must return in this area? Thanks
  8. kevin7


    Oh okay, I see more the strategic side of this game with your answer, Thank Tyrant.
  9. kevin7

    Favorite models so far?

    The Karkinoi for me this insect/fish side I don't know at final but i love them. I would 2 factions (King's Empire and Abyssinia) and at least the Karkinoi and Frenzy did I take the Hordes too...
  10. kevin7


    Hi guys Can you explain me the different tokens in this game if it's possible ( Inspire, Reinforcement...) and at least how a unit flip to the glory side except with a special effect? Thanks