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  1. Hey is there an entrants list for this event? If there are a few I'll try and bring some more guys
  2. Juhan0ght

    Scottish GT 2018 - 21/22 July - 50SS, Fixed Faction, 6 Rounds, Stirling

    Hotel booked 😀
  3. Juhan0ght

    Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    Hey Is there still only 6 people heading down? Just waiting to see if the boss will let me come Karl
  4. Juhan0ght

    The Boars are Back In Town - 24 February 2018

    All 3 tickets paid for
  5. Juhan0ght

    The Boars are Back In Town - 24 February 2018

    If there's space can you add Karl McConnell Craig woods Richard Matthews to the list please? I can pay as soon I know it's alright 😀
  6. Juhan0ght

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    I'll be there and I'll bring the lads 😀 Tobias I want a rematch. That game was awesome
  7. Juhan0ght

    Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    I need to get this tattooed to remind me 😀
  8. Was a brilliant venue and run smoothly. 100% will be back. Thanks to everyone I played! Also I liked not having Bag of Tools on display. I like being able to work out games ect but it was nice finding out who played who instead of ignoring the TO and getting ready yourself.
  9. Hi, me again. Myself Karl McConnell, Richard Matthews and Luke Whitrow will be coming on Saturday. Do you mind we pay on the day? May be able to drag a 4th
  10. Are there any tickets left?