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  1. I soloed Seamus in 2e, and with the shift to 3e I lost interest in him given the weak synergies of the crew and the loss of his hiring showgirls which I had spent a lot of effort collecting and painting. From there I picked up Jack and found another style of master I liked, but none of the rest of Ressers appealed to me, nor did Outcasts. I decided with 3e I wanted to play with a wider roster to better react to my opponent competitively. I always liked Collodi conceptually, but with his removal to DMH I picked up Hinamatsu as my entry to Neverborn. My typical puppets list includes Candy
  2. It's important for Jedza's Life of the Earth when targeting the Moorwraith, as when it resolves for all hazardous effects in addition to the effects for impassable and severe traits, it puts out a total of 4 damage, +1 poison, and staggered.
  3. You've got the gist of it. Math works out to 7 stones remaining though, I should have included that.
  4. I’ve been using a fixed list lately. Hina w/Inhuman Reflexes, Mysterious Effigy, Vasilisa, 2x Wicked Doll, Coryphee Duet, Candy, Intrepid Effigy w/Effigy of Fate I've had success with the following schemes: Breakthrough – Duet Vendetta – Duet Assassinate Claim Jump – Candy, Emissary Let Them Bleed – Hina, Duet Leave Your Mark – Candy, Emissary Spread Them Out – Dolls, Duet For strats I like everything but Public Enemies which can be a toss-up.
  5. It's not strictly puppets, but I'm enjoying hiring Candy and the Intrepid Effigy with the upgrade in the same crew.
  6. Looks like a 26.03.2021 release on the core box.
  7. I'm surprised nobody has said yet to drop Carver for Hinamatsu. Hina has a lure which can pull ranged models into positions they don't want to be in, as well as armour and an insane melee threat range.
  8. When you consider how often the enemy has to cheat against her terrifying aura, the new iteration of IR is actually amazing on her.
  9. I find I have the Guilty engaged within turn two unless they actively avoid it. I'm okay with reducing a defense stat so long as they're already engaged. I suppose I'm just concerned as to whether spending the master AP to set up for a brawl is a worth it.
  10. What do people think of slapping your own Guilty with Suppressed Memories once up the board on turns two or three in order to have guaranteed targets for Fickle Tormentor and give your opponents more incentive to waste AP to kill the Guilty already up in their beater's face? It's been pretty reliable for me if I ensure I take the actions with Jack to ensure I've got the Guilty lined up for a charge by second turn, though this is basically just opening or going second with Jack, triple moving and throwing out Drawn to Betrayal to yank my Guilty up.
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