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  1. I'm starting to consider a variation of the usual papa in the box trick. It's a list based on quickly killing a lot of enemies for a scheme pool that requires it. my list would use the brutal emissary to spread burning and bury papa, sam hopkins or frank depending on the schrme pool, papa loco for hold this and potentially to sacrifice it and a scheme runner that can drop a scheme marker to unbury papa loco in the middle of the enemy lines to make it explode. Ideas for the remaininf models and upgrades?
  2. What do you think of obey perdita? Can obey be used on a model of your own? I see myself taking nino if the opponent play a crew with a lot of scheme running or abuela in the case of an opponent with big model where the extra (1) action done by hunters and abuela with hair trigger do damage I'm starting to see some interesting play with nellie too
  3. I would try that swapping nino when I need scheme denial. Why the jury though? It looks a lot card hungry especially if I use obey a lot on hunters or enemy models. Rhe emissary extra suit is free for one more soulstone.
  4. It seems that nellie as a backup master would be a sound choice with investigatrs just in case I have to do a lot of running. I could drop a marker and use investigator to position her for dropping another marker
  5. I'm trying to design a list based on monster hunters for strategies based on killing enemy models. Also it should use nino and monster hunters to stalk enemy scheme runners and block their interact actions. Ideas? I was thinking
  6. I tend to use watchers a lot for LOS and I don't like hounds
  7. I'm seeing more options for guild scheme running with investigators and reporters. What do you think of them? Investigators are nice with queeg obviously but I can see a lot of use when my models have a spare action to drop a marker so that I can remove it Field reporters might be a bit card hungry if I want the right triggers but are cheaper and have a lot of utility
  8. For accusation I might rely a bit more on tha─║larians. Maybe with a handler for burning and the extra push. Or a thallarian. The crew is Witchling handler ss8 Witchling stalker ss5(frame for murder) Thallarian queller ss6 Monster hunter ss6 Sonnia(the mask, cherufe's imprint, counterspell area) ss3 or resurrection sonnia if there are many small model to kill ss3 Papa loco ss7 Francisco (wade in, hermano de armas) ss10 Brutal effigy ss4 Cache 4stones for claim jump A watcher seems a must. It can drop a marker and expose models who interfere. I would say Sonnia(the mask, counterspell aura(it depends), cherufe's imprint, reincarnation(it depends) ss3 Francisco(wade in, hermano de armas) ss10 Papa loco (ss7) Watcher ss4 Brutal effigy ss4 Malifaux chil Thallarian or monster hunter or austringer ss6 A choice among field reporters and investigators. I like investigators for summoning sonnia and reporters to counter opponent schemes
  9. In this case I outactivate him so it's ok. But what if I were playing with gremlins or ressers? EDIT accusation seems to work well with ressers since I can just engage summons or small fries. Gremlins look much more troublesome
  10. Scheme pool was accusation, frame for murder hidden trap and inspection. Strategy was extraction I played sonnia against pandora Frame for Murder was an obvious take. Plant evidence was a no since I need the enemy models dead, not near my markers. How should I play with a choice among accusation inspection and claim jump?
  11. What's in your opinion a good sonnia list and what's your opinion on the new upgrades?
  12. Investigators look like a good model to run in a sonnia summoner list. I'll try looking for a watcher later on
  13. Watchers are expensive since I have no intention to play hoffman. Other good alternatives in a lower price range?
  14. Yes, I missed the part about the Thallarian. Best would be having a high tome to cheat and use blasts on my witchling to get burning and the next two attacks to finish off models and summon. I don't know is it really a big resource investment if it allows me to gain some advantage in the attrition war and some minis for schemes? I don't know how I can play differently
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