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  1. Hello, So I am trying to get all the puppets in the game to do a thematic for fun puppets key word crew. And one of the ones I am struggling to understand is Coryphee duet. As far as I can tell there is no box for it. So is my assumption correct that want you to buy the same box twice but glue two of them to the same base on one of them? Is there an actual different model floating around out there somewhere that people use? Or do people usually just put down a marker of some sort to designate duet “status”? Last question. Through magnets and basing has anyone developed an idea for de
  2. What I am trying to say is it was automatically added to my cart. And then when I checked out it was deleted and showed out of stock.
  3. I find it had to believe one hour post sale opening grumpus waldo is gone. Is that accurate? Showing out of stock and removed from my cart with no alternative pick option.
  4. If I remember correctly. Basically they gave him a bunch of guns to give the gremlins to arm them and coax them in to going after the guild. And after spending time with the gremlins he saw the plot as what it was, slaughtering/sacrificing his own kind to help advance a thunders plot/distract and weaken the guild. So he didn’t take the guns back in to the Bayou but told the thunders he did. And that pissed them off. Also in the new book he sends a tanuki and a fermented river monk to go steal some of their super special alcohol. And they send some TT Brothers after him which leads to a bi
  5. So I just got a good price on the winter wonderland alt box for rasputina. And want to make some “North Pole the pole” (think Santa Clause movie). To stand in as ice pillars. Only problem is I haven’t the faintest idea how many realistically are required. Between them being destructible. And her crew having other things to do than make them. How many ice pillars do you get on the board at once in a game?
  6. The power dynamic in the Explorers easter egg in the Bayou book at the end of Slaughter at Stone Hill makes it seem like the leader is a woman. Specifically “An elderly woman with sharp features.” So I am thinking the spider queen.
  7. I want some captain nemo action on this one. Either way. LOVE the aesthetic of this keyword and this will definitely be an instabuy for me. Even if they are trash I will be playing this crew a lot. When can I preorder and who gets my money? Take it i’m ready and willing.
  8. As bad as I think Wong is. I still feel like there is something there. And keep coming back. Maybe GG2 will help? First 3 turns are always pretty solid. But 4-5 I basically have no models left.
  9. Plus she got kicked out of of a meeting by Somer cause she aint a gremlin....and hasn't been back by yet.
  10. Lore wise I would think Sami or Brin are most likely. I honestly thought Sami would get the promotion in M3e. Also since brewie didn't work out. I think there is probably room for another thunders plant. Maybe sparks since he is buddy buddy with the rail crew?
  11. 1. You lost me on the cheap models thing. I think that is just flat out incorrect. Even a "bad" model can still walk and drop a scheme marker. Or flip a lucky red joker for burst damage. Both strictly better than using a pass token. And coming from gremlins 5 ss and down is littered with great models. 2. Focus being able to stay after the round is weird. I still feel like the bigger problem is distracted isn't just anti focus. It should be a one to one imo. 3. Summoning is ok. Its off balance in every game that has it. I think it's in a pretty good place in this one. Bigger issue i
  12. So...In a board game trade over on boardgamegeek...I am now the proud owner of Puppet Wars Unstiched, along with all models ever released for it. My question...am I allowed to use these as proxies for Maliaux? If I put them on the correct size bases? I know I can do it when I am just messing around locally with my friends, but just wondering if it is legal per gaining grounds since they are official wyrd models of Malifaux characters. Part of why I am asking is I love the Lady J crew sculpts more than the standard boxes. Something about the puppets look great. Also the silurid sculpt is a
  13. Does this link work for everyone else? I can't seem to make it work. Also how many is everyone building?
  14. Thank you sir. I actually learned a ton about Vassal capabilities watching you guys play as well.
  15. Anyone know what Jamie is playing in Bayou? And as a second part which podcasts have yhe best knowledge out there on bayou? Meaning who are the top players and is there a place to hear them talk bayou?
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