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  1. Its all theme based hiring now. And the beta hasnt been going on long enough for there to be any optimized lists. FWIW with thematic hiring im personally going honey pot and pigs. But really. Just get the box that looks the coolest to you.
  2. Out of curiosity. How many war pigs should you own. They seem pretty hard to kill. ATM I only have one and am trying to gage if that is sufficient or if I should pick up at least one more.
  3. I played primarily thunders in 2e with Ulix and Somer on the side. Ive not had that long to parse the files. But Ulix looks amazing. He will absolutely be my first game/master in 3e. Pigs losing pig charge, gaining stampede and reckless. Is nuts. Wild boars seem hireable. Hog whisperer gets piglets on a 6. They added a ranged pig. Super excited for this crew haha.
  4. It’s today it’s today whoop whoop!!!
  5. Got ya. I missed the faq. Do we know from a story standpoint where Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen wind up?
  6. My understanding was that you couldn't hire out of faction. The way its worded came across to me that keyword models cost less...but could only be hired if they are within faction. Not that they allowed out of faction hiring. I could have misunderstood that though.
  7. Pretty excited for this one. Finally able to snag a Ross Jebsen. That one has been a bit of a white whale for me.
  8. How about a timeline for release? Honestly...id like to get s better idea of how keyword will work with thunders. Basically every model was duel faction. I feel like as a faction they have the biggest question as to what will be playable or not with their masters. Would be nice to habe a better idea how thunders is going to shake out. As of now im in a buying stasis for them (my solo faction) just due to all the uncertainty.
  9. I keep hearing Jamie Varney Kentouri talk on the flippin wyrd podcast. Specifically that he can summon a kentouri move however far it moves, and then repeat the same thing in on turn. Covering a huge area. What allows that to happen? How does the Kantouri take a move action in Nikkos activation?
  10. Whichever you think looks the coolest, no one know how good anything will be in M3e. What we do know is there will be a focus on themed crews. Fwiw...I chose the Shen Long box because it looked the easiest to assemble and paint
  11. Man...idk...the suggestion about emisarry upgrades meerly being "patches" kinda felt like they were trying to force feed us something they knew we would disagree with. This reveal kind of blows. I mean... I know there was a lot of game knowledge involved in knowing the upgrades etc....but now these are just kind of 40 dollar enforcers. They don't seem all that special all of a sudden. Why bother when I can pick up most other enforcers for 15 dollars or so? I didn't see anything on carrion's card that blew me away.
  12. So....are we all just going to ignore the last sentence that hints that effigies can be grown somehow into a fkn emissary?!?
  13. Where is it posted generally? I can never find it. I know the app updates automatically, but id love to see a document of all changes in one place.
  14. Just real quick. To those of you that own the shadow emissary. How do you get it to and from tourneys/leagues? Finally found a place relatively close to my house that does weekly Malifaux nights that I would like to start going to. But I have no idea how I would transport the emissary. Currently I just use it when me and my buddies play at my house, and I just leave it at home when we play elsewhere. My current setup is a bin with magnet paper on the bottom and washers glued to the bases of the miniatures. It works great for the most part but the emissary doesn't fit in the bin.
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