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  1. The owner of the trigger decides where the unburying model gets placed
  2. That's a good write up @spafe hopefully I can manage to write just as well I faced off against another beginner player Emma and her Rasputina crew set up was as follows: Raspy crew; Rasputina (black joker upgrade) 3ss cache Ice golem 3 Ice Gamin 2 Acolytes of December 1 Ice dancer Wendigo Tara crew; Tara, Obliteration symbiote, Knowledge of Eternity, Dead of Winter 6ss cache Nothing Beast, Void Shield, Scramble Aionus, I pay better 2 Void Wretches 1 Death Marshal Karina, Face s of Oblivion Strategy was Reckoning and because we were both relatively new we decided to only do one scheme, the pool was Protect territory, line in the sand, assassinate, frame for murder and I can't quite remember the last one. Rasputina took Framed for murder and I took protect territory Deployment was corner deploy I took the first turn and moved Tara up toward the top edge of the map getting her to the edge of the river with a void Wretch, Aionus and the NB moving up in support. Karina and the Death marshal moved across my deployment edge towards the lone December acolyte on the left intending to remove it. Karina summoned a Guild autopsy and I had the void Wretch move up to support it. In the meantime Rasputina moved the ice golem, the ice dancer and 2 gamin straight down the left edge of the board with an ice dancer pushing down towards my deployment and dropping a scheme marker. Raspy moved and that's when limbs flew everywhere as she ice mirror to blast apart a guild autopsy, a void Wretch and knock a chunk of health off karina too.... Turn 2 was more promising as I retreated my death marshal behind a building (back the way he came) and moved karina away from the opposing crew too, summoning another guild autopsy in the process who decided to take shots at the ice gamin who had moved in on my territory removing most of its health and poisoning it ready to kill it off at the end of the go. Tara and the NB moved up past the river and Tara engaged the Acolyte of December in a small shoot out knocking some health from him before dropping a scheme marker of my own. The death marshal moved even further away from the Acolyte who was now encroaching on my deployment zone. The nothing beast moved to intercept the Acolyte and buried him after damaging him further with Obliterate. Aionus in the meantime engaged a line ice gamin and slaughtered it mercilessly unburying the Acolyte in Base contact with him. The ice golem positioned itself behind the wendigo so that the wendigo could try to eat the NB that Rasputina was hoping to paralyse. Unfortunately that didn't end up working and the wendigo charged in to the NB only to be smacked back by itsVoid Obliterate and get buried. Turn 3 saw Tara unbury a guild autopsy and then move around to drop another scheme marker and the void Wretch snap at the wendigo from beyond the veil. Karina summoned another guild autopsy and marched it off to face down the ice dancer the death marshal fired off an ineffectual shot against the December acolyte and retreated (again) and an ice gamin launched itself at him. The Ice golem moved up to avenge try to engage the NB but found it was a little short and instead became an ice mirror for Rasputina shooting the NB but doing nothing as I'd managed to empty my hand and get his DF to 9. Aionus managed to kill the acolyte which unburied the wendigo right in front of him keeping both models locked down. The Wendigo could do nothing against Father Time and scored no wounds. Tara set off towards Rasputina with murder in her eyes and scheme markers at her feet. At the bottom of turn 3 the Ice gamin with poison on it expired due to poison exploding and killing karina and damaging the Death marshal. This was it turned out her frame for murder target... Which was unfortunate since death from poison essentially counts as no kill from either crew :/ the guild autopsy near the dead form of his mistress buried himself and died due to excessive dirt swallowing. Turn 4 saw the nothing beast charge the golem and reduce it to powder getting an impressive amount of damage output against the golem best stat! Aionus finished off the wendigo and with 1 AP and then charged Rasputina who was unfortunately too close, doing very little damage but managing to slow her down. The guild autopsy consolidated it's position on its scheme marker ensuring it wouldnt be sniped off by the incredibly mobile Ice dancer. Tara did the same but moved into position to shoot anything popping up nearby. Turn 5 Rasputina managed to disengage from Aionus and then paralysed him in a show of cold rage. Tara pulsed fast to the ice dancer who had pushed up to me and then tried to bury her failing horribly. The Nothing Beast however obligingly killed her. At the end of it all I won 4 points to 1 I believe My learn from this game is Blast masters are truly terrifying and stopped me from bunching up to benefit from Tara's fast pulse It was an awesome game though and could have gone either way
  3. Haha I'm finally on here! Hi all I'm the new one with the Tara crew I think my first mistake was assuming that killing all your stuff was a thing need to remember it's not Necromunda! A scion of the void is definitely on my list
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