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  1. Aegnor

    First feelings M3E

    I only have collodi and lynch so i'm a bit worried for my future with the neverborn. Just need to wait more informations on illuminated/graves/tannen/etc (keyword? nvb or 10t or both?) and dolls (which master to play them with?). Otherwise the changes seems interesting and i'm excited for my ulix crew. (growing pigs and stampede sounds very nice).
  2. Aegnor

    Help wanted...

    I hope Collodi and the others are just 'dead man's hand' because of lore reason and not for 'balance' reason. If they don't have balance issue many TOs may allow them anyway. I play almost only with my friends so i would also like to have balanced games. For casual play people won't care if your master is officialy a 'dead man'. Anyway i share the feeling. I only have 3 masters yet : collodi, lynch and ulix. So with the 3rd edition i won't be a nerverborn player at all anymore 'officially', neither a gremlin one with the name change^^'.
  3. I understand your logic. I have some trouble with all the wording in this game that are not very consistent imho. This difference between stats modifier and stat duel total modifier is kinda weird. Like hannah's nether flux/counterspell that erase built in suits or bonus in the form of +suit to X stat (like misaki's risky ventures +crows to Ml) but no +suit to duel bonus like the riders' buff or somer's do it like dis (if i'm right).
  4. What if you had something like 'this models adds 1 to all his stats' or 'this models adds 1 to all his duel totals'. Would you have df 4 or 5 with the first one? Would you add 1 to your df duels with the second? A faq on what is exactly a bonus would be nice.
  5. Appetizing : this model's Df is reduced to 4, ignore all bonuses to this model's Df. Do it like Dis! : all friendly pig and gremlin models within 8" add the suit of the discarded card to all duel totals. So the question is : is the added suit a bonus to df or not?
  6. Are +suit considered a bonus to defense and canceled by the appetizing condition? I assume that things like "this models get +suit to its defense" would definitely be countered but not sure for generic +suit like somer "do it like this".
  7. Aegnor

    4 Player Team games

    What we do in my group is 'blind' list building. We draw schemes and strats. Then each player make 2 lists, both 25ss, one lead by a master and the other by an henchman. Only after you roll for the teams and each team choose which of its player will play the master and the henchman. For example we roll teams to be A-C and B-D. Then A will play his master list and C his henchman one, or A play his henchman and C his master. This way you avoid too silly combos. The other way around is too make it very clear to everyone that you can do any mix so the goal is to find the most broken synergies.
  8. In the main rules book they indeed say that attack actions are against 'target model' so you can say attack actions always target. So attacks always target and other things only target if 'target' is written somewhere. i then guess triggers (like bloody command's deal with him) also targets only if 'target' is written. Very mtg like then.
  9. I'm pretty sure to have the answer but i want confirmation. How interact abilities like 'challenge' (barbaros, mancha roja) or 'hostile environment'(sparks) with abilities/attack that doesn't have the exact 'target' wording. For example 'feed the piggies : up to 4 friendly gremlins/pigs can make a 1/2/3 healing flip' or scion of the void's hollowing : 'select a friendly buried' or any other abilities with words like select,choose or no specific word at all. My mtg background tells me to be very literal and say that if it doesn't say target then you can do it but i don't know if malifaux is as 'wording specific' as Mtg. Same kind of question for 'killed'. Especially for poorly handled explosifs. It say 'do this if model is killed' so i guess it shouldn't work if you sacrifice. But here comes pere ravage specifically saying 'if this model is killed (not sacrificed)' that gives me a little doubt. I think that it is just a reminder but i wanna be 100% sure.
  10. Aegnor

    Lillith list Ideas

    Grootslang 'lair to lair' action is nice to copy with Hanna for insane mobility
  11. Aegnor

    Lucky Effigy

    I sometimes use it with my collodi.... The master buff won't heal you that much and slop hauler is only 1ss more. The only list i would see the effigy played is in a mah list with emissary (double ram chores) to get some use of her ml attack damage track. 2 month ago i may have argued that 4ss htk armor minion is nice but survivors are here now.
  12. Aegnor

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    200% agree. We need more keyword or like restrictions. Lot of stuff Can just get out of control with no limitations.
  13. Aegnor

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    You know the saying : 'gremlins and Guild are born ennemies, like gremlins and neverborn or gremlins and ressers or gremlins and other gremlins. Damn gremlins they ruined the bayou !'
  14. Aegnor

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I only take coryphee with vasilisa+ a friend to talk to for some schemes (deliver a message back in the days for example). Buff them is not so usefull but negative flip on ennemy model can be very powerfull for your other beaters. Hinamatsu with arcane effigy buff to deal lot of damages or brutal buff to heal can be very strong when you can attack 5 times in one turn. If you add coryphee you now have + flip against a - flip ennemy model so almost guaranted hits.
  15. Aegnor

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    I totaly agree with @I'm a Teapot!. tanuki+pigapult is not so broken and is far from the top in the list of 'need to be nerfed asap' things. Public demo+set up have 13.5% probability to show up in a game so 2 games every 15. (if my maths are correct). Now if each factions are equally played you will face gremlins 1 on 7 games. So you will face gremlins when these two schemes are in the pool once every 52 games. Lets ignore the fact that some strat/scheme pools can make this trick a lot of free vp for your opponent (supply wagons, take prisoners for example). So once every 52 games, where you know this may happen while listbuilding. you then saw oponnent crew which is brewie + half ss total for the tricks. So you are now 99% sure the trick is happening. If then you don't manage to counter it or score more vp maybe you deserve to lose. People are too vocal when gremlins are involved and this is again one sad example. How many people played this trick or against it? How many played or played against other faction 'exploits' and didn't complain about it? If every 'working' gremlin trick is seen as an exploit how are we supposed to play them fair? If your read this forum you get the impression that 90% of gremlins models are bad and the last 10% is so broken that you gremlins are still op. It is very annoying as the player to have this feeling that you almost 'need' to play glowy, iron skeeter, zipp if you wanna win but knowing that people will be frustrated if you beat them like this. I know you can win without playing these models. I never take them and i'm doing fine in my games. But every time you lose while playing 'fair' when your opponent is not (ie using some of his faction 'exploits' or 'too good' models) its hard to not thing your factions is too weak : no one is arguing/saying that your opponent models are exploits/op so your models have to be weak right? If everyone's knowledge/memory about malifaux was wiped rigth now i wonder what the meta will be like. Very different from today i think. Just try to have a new look and try 'non competitive' list with your mates and you can have very fun games. My last game i played pigapult without ammo, survivors, bushwahckers and not a single slop hauler. I had a very fun time and didn't lost a single model surprinsingly.