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  1. i think it is meant to be anti - abyssynia piece. i just don't see it playing against CotBM,maybe against GH, but with no good targets (maybe their titan - i did not play against it yet though). Also, if someone is using units to screen their titan, they are often not fighting optimally against my units - if i can get that for 3 scrip, that may be a good tradeoff. Regarding bringing it to glory, i really like Kings Hand trigger to bring unit to glory. it can help artillery as well, but i don't expect them to be within 8 of each other unless i am on defensive and in turn 3-4, so quite late in the game. Also, one more conisderation - do you play on 48' or 72' board? Utility of many units (e.g. infiltrators) changes with that, when playing on 48x48 board it is much easier to hide some units, or to put them at distance. with artillery, you can't really just hide from everything, you can shoot at many spots at the board (though with cover).
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