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  1. So reading the last Waldo's weekly with the focus on sonnia, it is mentioned that the TOS 2 player box will be released this year at gen con. Which is - if i'm right - in September. Still a bit of time but giving the last drought period, its great to hear a date! Totally made my day. The only Thing i cant quite wrap my head around is the base problem if you use Sonnia for example in TOS and malifaux. But we will see. Great news!
  2. I am more than happy to do some community work - but at the moment I don't feel good about getting my friends/ other people into a game where the developer kept silence about for that long period. TOS is a big investment and with no backup from WYRD I am not confident evangelize the system to other people. I still love TOS, but please WYRD, give us something!
  3. The quote from Kyle makes totally sense - but i think it takes more than just wait for the right moment. I invested a lot of money and time into TOS so far because i think it is an awesome game with great miniatures but looking at the market right now i think WYRD misses a big opportunity in really celebrating their product. Starting just with showing off their miniatures on the back of the box (which is the normal online shop image) as lifeless renderings without shadow, color or any love. Next in my opinion is showing via social media how the models look painted/in terrain. The sculpts are awesome but with the lack of presence they will never really shine outside wyrd painting forums. You need to do more than just put out renderings into the market in this day and age. You need to show people how it is played (batreps) - after the kickstarter introduction video. Our hobby is about theme and commitment to a product so i really think it is not that much about the right time - it is more about presentation - to launch a product like TOS. (just a personal thing - but i spend a lot of hobby money during CORONA) Like i said, i bought into most of the product range, because i spend a lot of time in the nerd abyss and realized that this game is interesting. But at the moment every german shop carrying it, starts to sale the shit out of it because it seems like not taking of. And getting buddies into TOS is hard because of the lack of presence atm. And no communication outside of mention it in a YT video doesn't help that. i think teasing the future products and showing that TOS isn't dead would help more that beeing 2 years nearly quiet and hoping for another reboot. Show us painted models, show us different terrain options , show us how the game is played. And show us the future. An i think TOS will take of. Just my two cents i have in my head for a few weeks. I love the game love the company - but i think it takes more than just the right point of time in these days to refuel TOS. Love you all stay save.
  4. Looking from a 20years marketing /creative perspective, i think two fields were treated quite thin from wyrd. They are very strong in world building and their artworks are top notch - but they are lacking in showing off their actual product. You have a hard time seeing painted miniatures. The setting gives so much opportunities for great dioramas / playing scenes. Their social Media should be flooded with beautiful miniatures, i think because at the end this creates a need for buying them. And due to the Lack of batreps of ToS - it would also be good to produce some matches on their YT channel. Just my two cents as a spectator. I really think ToS is a gem and i hope it will stay for longer!
  5. I read through the rules a bunch of times and now i've invested in a lot of horde and empire. Haven't played it yet but It sounds like my future main tabletop game. Please wyrd - don't let it die!
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