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  1. 46 minutes ago, dancater said:
    • Painting this will be a nightmare, I already have a vast buy more than I paint problem and this will magnify it when/if I eventually make the purchase.

    I don't think that it will be that much harder to paint than normal terrain. Countours that come with most of these high grade plastic kits will make washing and drybrushing easy. Though I will probably just airbrush the whole thing save a few details. I suppose that price is going to be the main consideration, as the terrain is likely going to cost more than all models both sides would field on said terrain combined, so not everyone will be up for it. I will see if I can get the most out of it by using the terrain in ToS and other fantasy games.


    Out of curiosity, how will the terrain be bundled? Will we only get 3'*3' worth of tiles in one pop or less? Being able to get  6'*4' of tiles in order to play ToS would be nice.

  2. One thing I have to give points for is that the stairs are actually the right size to put miniatures on to, so they aren't just decorative. I think that it is a nice touch, and makes the terrain super playable as a result. Hopefully the rest of the features are also made with guys who have plastic circles glued to their feet in mind, especially the building interiors.

  3. That looks really nice. And I thought that you guys were just putting out individual buildings based on what you saw earlier. That is definitely about as good as terrain gets.

    I am personally not too worried about the lack of scatter terrain, as I already have a bunch of resin crates, barrels, ect., along with the hard plastic streetlights that are already sold that should be a good fit.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, qoob said:

    Ha! of course, my bad. 

    Well if playing Luna you should take the hounds. They are much faster than the guards. I have to playtest the guards now but I don't think they will get that much table time.

    I feel the same way. With McCabe at least I feel like the dogs are much more versatile, and with a 9" charge they are excellent saber carriers. On the other hand the guards seem to work more for more stationary schemes and strats.


    I am still wondering whether Yasunori is still going to be a big choice for McCabe with the errata, as he is as heavy as TT hitters get.



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