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  1. I just want the good old bluffing to be back and the Schemes&Strategies fiddled with so that games can be decided without much killing. Plus, I loved Supply Wagons.
  2. Even assuming that you have noone to remove distracted distracted or that you simply take another Action to get rid of distracted, your example makes her burn soulstones extremely fast. Especially now that her doves only can be used once and still are easily removed. If you bring 5-6 SS, that means that you are down to 4-5 Stones after your example, because if you attack my WP, l need to stone the book in to bury. After one attack. And she Needs These Stones for her other trigger, too. And it is not as if the rest of her Crew does not Need These Stones either, e.g to protect itself. Cassandra will die very quickly without These Stones, no matter how much distracted is flying around.
  3. You can get rid of distracted, for example with the assist action. Or by taking one action. Or any other condition removal. And yes, she is DF5 meaning that most guys at a skill of 6/7 hit her rather easily, possibly even with the --flip. . And if doves are once / activation, so they are three stones. And super-easily killable. And Colette will be next to them, for blasts. And I am not going to go into irreducible damage or Stunned (both of which kills her), since others have mentioned it numerous times. And if you really have such a problem killing her, why not go after her team instead? She cannot win a game by herself, simple as that, and the rest of her crew, with the exception of a certain 12-stone-model, is extremely squishy, distracted or not.
  4. Honestly, this might also have been a case of bringing two control crews against each other and them cancelling each other out. Other masters might have been a different matter - Von Schill, for example is rather scary for her.
  5. Sebasthos

    Colette Card

    Still want a ruling on what happens if she has multiple doves in range. Though if WWSHD is right (I see no reason why not) and I understand it correctly, then it is a perfectly good ability, neither as imba as her being able to get multiple soul stones in her operation, but still very useful. And trikk, sorry, but I cannot agree. She is a touch less resource-intensive, but her main defensive ability is still a trigger on resolving, meaning she still gets hit by indirect damage, still gets conditions and Stunned still gets her, so she is nowhere near where she was at the start of the Open Beta. Remember, she needs soulstones to bury against willpower, she needs them for Presto-Chango, and she needs them for her main attack if she wants to force the opponent to discard/take damage. And for the stuff everybody else needs soulstones for. The one she gets per activation is absolutely within reason. Especially since these birds don't really die hard.
  6. Sebasthos

    Colette Card

    I would love for it to be "once per dove and turn" but I actually am not sure and tend to understand it as "once per Colette's activation".
  7. I am absolutely happy with the changes to the Performers. Of course I need to test it, but I think this is exactly what was needed. Ironsides - I think she is better, need to test to see if she is where she needs to be.
  8. Sebasthos

    Colette Card

    Guys, you are epic. I am really happy about these changes and can't wait to test Colette now.
  9. First of all, thanks again, I am very excited about the Changes and can't wait to test them. However, there are some things I wonder might be typos: - The version date on Colette's card and the dove's card still says 31.1 - Is Colette's saber trick supposed to be at 3/5/7?
  10. That was in responce to WildRose who seemed to understand it like that.
  11. The performers are certainly not overpowered - Colette is a it closer to being balanced after the nerf-bat and actually needs a bit more offensive power now (and maybe a side-grade on her defence), the rest of her crew, apart from Carlos, is more or less okay, if very squishy. Distracted as its key mechanic is not quite where is should be. Hoffman will get more love once he is played...waiting for his crew box.
  12. I like that, it fits thematically and is not overpowered. I also had the idea of giving her doves the ability: "While this model is within 2" of a friendly Colette, she may add a single suit of her choice to any duel". Would reduce her resource consumption and give her doves a small push.
  13. Thank you for this report. I am not sure if I agree about the duet, I think it is okay, but I would like to have more games with it before I make a call. Plus, I want to like it, which fiddles with my objectivity. I totally agree with the analysis of Colette - defence seems okay now, but she is too reliant on triggers / soul stones or cards the way she is now. Artificial soul stone would help. Or maybe have her doves have "While within 2" of this model, friendly Colette model can add 1 suit to any test" or something like that?
  14. I liked that, judging by the newest battle report, she seems to be in a good place apart from the missing feather on her offensive skill.
  15. Reading the report that just came out, he really seems to be in no place at all atm. Sad thing.
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