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  1. While I would love to get a buff to the emissary, because I agree he is underwhelming, super marker destruction is pretty unique to him. I think he is a very situational pick. Its one of my favorite models so I would love it too be stronger but I think vs marker Masters he is at least viable. Against crews that don't depend on markers I think he is a never take. I think the primary problem is at ten points he needs to be a good beater and between 0 in engage and 3/4/5 damage and mediocre triggers he is a bad beater. He seems stuck between scheme runner and beater.
  2. This discussion reiterates the need for some clarification to me. I love the strat overall, but where the markers get placed is super important so it needs to be as unambiguous as possible. I think I would almost prefer that you flip for all the placements at the start of the game as right now winning the initiative flips and being able to dictate where they are placed is super important.
  3. The strat explicitly says Joker reflip. So do you think you can cheat that reflip if you got a suit you didn't like?
  4. I would agree the rest of the crew does have a surprising amount of interesting play. Part of my reason for the post is I'm not sure what changes would make old major more fun but worth ten stones. One idea which plays to what the crew already does would be to have him give pigs those bonuses only on out of activation abilities. So it synergizes with what I think is the cool thing the crew does. Maybe give him the pig obey as well. I'd agree old major isn't bad offensively, he's just terrible defensively. Def 4 htw no other defenses means he is quite fragile. That balance is needed as long as he has his killer aura, but I think a lot of ulix balance currently hinges more on old major then ulix himself.
  5. With corrupted idols, what happens if you cheat a red joker for initiative and win? I assume you reflip, but then can you cheat the reflip? Also with flips being a defined term (adding a card from your deck to a conflict) I think to make corrupted idols a bit clearer it may be wise to rename the Initiative Fllip step of the start phase to just Initiative, or Initiative Conflict.
  6. Do you enjoy Old Major's aura, or the model in general? Do you think its interesting? Do you think his aura is why you always win? Or just a bonus to an already strong crew?
  7. Hey everyone, Wanted to see what peoples thoughts are on old major. Preferably from people with more games than me. I was discussing Ulix with someone and how strange it is that for him to upgrade a 3ss model to a 9ss model is considerable more expensive than for true summoners to summon a 9ss model, both in ap and in cards. I don't think that Ulix's crew is particularly weak, but I think a large portion of that revolves around Old Major. Specifically around Go Hog Wild. Go Hog Wild skews the crew incredibly. Models go from good to unstoppable killing machines if they can activate within 6 of old major. All the pigs have the ability to heal off the ram and obviously + damage flips is super good. I have no question of Old Majors effectiveness in my crew with Ulix, but I have serious questions about the fun he provides. I don't feel like activating within 6 of a model is an interesting synergy, just strong. Because his aura is so strong and he has no real defenses I find myself just keeping Old major within 6 inches of my beaters and never engaging with him. I've considered not taking him because of the lack of enjoyment I derive from him but he seems to be a lynchpin model for the crew. I feel like his aura is so strong it skews the balance of everything the crew brings. Go Hog Wild: Other friendly Pigs that start their Activation within 6 receive a +Rams to their duels and a + to their damage flips until the end of their Activation What are other peoples thoughts on him? Do you enjoy him? Take him because his aura is strong? Not take him at all?
  8. Vtfro

    Place movement

    Yeah it's not that it the gets rules wrong, but if the picture is there for clarity, it does the opposite. Which made me wonder if the picture shows the intention of the rules.
  9. Hey on page 14 of the times the new picture seems to indicate that when you place an object you place the entirety of the base within the place distance. Is that intended? The rules (and I think m2e) seem to indicate just a piece of the base must be within the place distance.
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