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  1. @Omenbringer   Well Im glad you can see my criticism comes from a place of love, it's the reason I'm so hard on wyrd, I want them to be better if not the best because of what they make. TOS is actually my favorite game of many many that I've played and been apart of it just sucks to see it constantly on the back burner or completely out of sight.

    as for henching? or just promoting that game, I have a hard enough time getting people to play malifaux, let alone a game most people believe is dead.

  2. In my mind it only makes sense that prison labor, passengers, sundries goods, food, supplies and equipment  are all being shipped inbound malifaux. In 10ish years it's hard for me to believe that malifaux is 100% self sufficient.

    As for exports if I remember correctly constructs are a major export along side soul stones. Government officials have access as well to conduct buisness. It would also stand to reason guardsmen would be rotated in and out based on service etc. of coarse sending paperwork and communication would also be paramount to the guild's function.

  3. I've played and ran in this system a lot, I love it but because I love it I wish it was a lot better. If you love malifaux lore and card mechanics then this is the best place for you but here's a list of my pro's and con's

    Pros;  IT'S MALIFAUX, The magic system is really cool, Lots of interesting classes and fun interactions, Tarrot brings unique flavor to every character, player focused direction and narritive, combat feels great very tactical. lot's of social/skill options that matter allowing intrigue among other great emergent moments.

    cons;   math on the game can warp easily and it's not hard to break the game even by accident, game doesn't scale well, following the players fate lines can be pretty messy, some hold over mechanics and classes from 1e need tuning. construct, undead making needs a bit of work, meaningful purchases evaporate fairly quickly making script more narrative than anything. there is no guidance on encounter creation no rating to know if you are throwing too much or too little at your players. it is also surprisingly hard to kill players / make them feel like they are in danger. The grimoire system throttles magic a little too much imo.


    All that being said, if you want a game that lets you explore malifaux and it's gritty and dark mysteries, if you like tactical combat that feels more dynamic and interesting than DnD, If you like games the encourage and support systems and skill other than an a typical dnd adventurer would take then this is the place for you.


    I love this game with all my heart, it's got a lot of quarks and glitches, but it is a good game, It's biggest flaw tho is how slowly the content comes out. I know wyrd isnt an rpg company but an expansion book every 1-2 years is pretty slow especially when there's still factions people want supported so they can feel like their team has representation in the game. truth is if you love malifaux, you'll love this, hopefully as this community grows we'll get enough community content to help spackle over some of these things. I love the engine this game is built on and have thought about using it to make my own rpg more than a handful of times.



  4. On 3/12/2021 at 11:14 AM, Omenbringer said:

    As for GW being the gold standard of minis...well I don't agree. 

    Wyrd has done a solid job of controlling access to their IP's

    Do I want to see it at the expense of the games and a 'constantly chased meta" sales structure, definitely not.

    See i wasn't talking about those aspects, and there was no need to bring them up.  I'm talking about marketing, advertising, hype, lore, stories. things that get people invested in both the short term and the long term of the game. As for controlling the IP idk how that matters? sure they have a tight leash on writing but malifaux's lore has been inconsistent as well, I'm just pointing out that a long form narrative might do a lot for the game, i'd wager a good portion of the existing community would love it and it would be a great way to introduce people to the world that isnt necessarily the game itself. dont like GW thats fine, Corvis beli commissioned a manga for their game and it sold incredibly well, and they are working on another last I checked. People love stories pretty sure thats the only reason the faction books/codex's sell.

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  5. I wish it was a little less railroad, maybe focused on the town more, but it’s a fine little detective adventure focusing on #notallnecromancy, there is the issue of it being pretty easy to miss the cool boss battle at the end like my group did

  6. On 2/18/2021 at 3:13 AM, diki said:

    Are your players sad about the lack of challenge? Or enjoying being combat monsters?

    little bit of both.


    On 2/18/2021 at 6:47 AM, Harlekin said:

    Easy one: if I have a group who enjoys tactical (combat) rpg I just don't do TTB. There are other systems who have a focus there. For me, TTB is more about narrative play and heroic decisions. 

    When I do design combat 'encounters' within narrative/heroic systems I focus on the decisions: no matter how mighty the PCs are they can't do everything at once and they have to be forced to make decisions: do you do this or do you that or even that? There will be consequenses for not doing this or that or that each. Decide! 

    I prefer spending my preparations times on stuff like this over spending hours of creating the stats and special rules for the next "challenging" encounter.  

    idk the combat feels really tactical to us it's just that the progression system starts breaking down pretty quickly.

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  7. Right I get all that, I have varied combats with several different abilities and even using environmental hazards, but when you PC's are flipping double possitive each attack or completely ignoring armor/incorporeal etc, and have enough damage on average to kill most guys in a single hit, it getts pretty hard to challenge em other than upping the TN's arbitrarily. just kinda feels like the game wasnt designed to go past maybe 8 sessions.



  8. On 7/14/2020 at 8:40 PM, clockworkspide said:

    You keep saying they hardly promote their product, but what exactly do you want them to do towards that end that isn't already happening?  And have you talked to your local Henchman about that?

    Gotta have one, to talk to em.  As for what to do? Other that securing their manufacturing and distribution? I look at GW for inspiration as they basically have the hype train on lock. staggered distribution so that you are seeing something come out each week or every other week. Video media driving into their product weather it's models, campaigns, stories or gameplay. Bring back their promo system. Community interaction. Make good on their contests like obsidian gate's Dr.watson or Sandmen....releasing the starter should help as well getting cross promotion for tOS, mind you it's like  two years past when it was originally planed to be released maybe longer....  that's just a few things there. 

    Heck I continue to be surprised they dont hire some writers to put out a few novels, the short stories are fine but I know people who would be hyped to read an actual series let alone being able to lend out the lore to cross pollinate to none wyrd players. There's a ton that can be done.

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  9. On 1/29/2021 at 5:37 PM, motoSashi said:

    I am more than happy to do some community work - but at the moment I don't feel good about getting my friends/ other people into a game where the developer kept silence about for that long period. TOS is a big investment and with no backup from WYRD I am not confident evangelize the system to other people. 

    I still love TOS, but please WYRD, give us something!

    This is exactly why I dont push this game. despite loving it, malifaux and TTB to pieces, I cant help but to have grown bitter to how wyrd deals with their properties. As it stands, there is 5 factions to be released including  the guild and Co2. On the other hand Malifaux is getting an 8th faction and they havent even finished releasing all of m3e's current lists. All that being said it's hard enough to find a retailer who will support any wyrd products as well. Most come from online orders out here.

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  10. On 7/9/2020 at 2:11 PM, clockworkspide said:

    I mean, let's be fair:  COVID kinda threw an enormous wrench into everything, and how much market penetration does anything that isn't either Games Workshop/Privateer Press (who've been around longer than Malifaux has) or is tied to a major existing IP (X-Wing Miniatures)?

    How much can Wyrd really do?  Genuine question from an industry outsider here.  What actual avenues does Wyrd realistically have to try to grow their exposure?

    Well i'm talking pre-covid  they have been shooting themselves in the foot. TOS taking and extra year and a half to release, the lack of hype and marketing for it, trickle releasing it for new player after, then leaking m3e killing any momentum it did have, now it's been almost a year since a TOS release other than a metal alt model? they hardly promote any of their products and every one I knew and they knew seems to have stopped playing...I've been to about 10 different game stores in the last couple years in various states and only 1 of them even had Wyrd product... so yeah idk man.

  11. I've given up on this game and this company, hate to say it because I love the rules, the models and the lore. TOS is a still born game no one plays, Malifaux is a game that hardly anyone seems to have heard of, and trying to get people interested in the setting to play TTB is a huge up hill battle. Wyrd has no marketing presence, no sense of hype, they just poop out rereleases.

  12. 6 hours ago, Thedeadclaw said:

    What I really want to know about these starters is whether these new Soniia and Kirai sculpts are legal for Malifaux and The Other Side or just The Other Side.

    there is every reason they will be legal, however they must be on the correct base. last i checked wyrd is pretty chill about kitbashing etc. feels silly to not allow it...


    THESE MF RULES THO HOTDAWG! now if only i had people to play with...

  13. @Kyle heads up "charge order" should be changed to "rush order", so that it functions....   

       tho end a  move would be better ;) like the unit, feels like the range should come up to 14 or 16 so that it actually causes people to need to charge them sometimes. errata looks great big thumbs up! I hope we get more reveals soon, this game needs the hype.

  14. New releases, alt models, reworks/errata's for problem units like artillery, people playing the game.


    other than that... idk Spain or Russia as a necromancer theme'd earth army, when your units die summon zombies in etc. so they would be ranged early and melee tar pits later. 

    As for a malifaux faction... hmmm maybe like elemental gods faction so golems and gamins rising up or maybe a phantasmal faction about illusions and misdirection


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  15. On 7/24/2019 at 8:58 AM, Razhem said:

    Before anything, thank you for responding directly to me and my worries. I believe this are also some of the worries from the people in my local community. As for the quoted part, I don't mean Fields of Glory, I mean this paragraph inside Fields of Glory:

    Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to address my issues.

    These have been issues i have noticed and fully agree with. I am glad to see any kind of  response, thanks@Kyle

    @KuVenet my FLGS community has dropped all wyrd products for the most part, I'm the only guy semi-actively looking for TOS or malifaux games and generally have to travel to find them. Anyone who used to play plays warhammer or infinity now, a big part due to them being supported better.

    Lack of player base and releases that i'm interested in has made me start considering selling my stuff off with the bulk of my malifaux that doesn't see use anymore.

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