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  1. Core rules, and card rules,are all rules. Thus I am proposing that I want to see a lot of different rules get fixes. As previously stated in this topic by others cost updates are nice, Wyrds lack of willing to fix units due to new cards annoys me and in addition to that goes with it the issues to the core rules, all of those being rules issues.
  2. Thanks captain, but i'm already carrying print outs, good looking out though!
  3. Valid? Valid to what? my opinion? That I will buy more models that I like,but don't want to pay for cards on an app that I already own. Especially when the rules on the app will rarely be updated? When a competitor does errata's that dont cost their customers. Do you have any links or logs or battle reps for kaeris, I'd love to read them.
  4. How about height / terrain to start with, the game is designed to be played in a 2d plane even as a 3d mini's game to start with. Wording consistency, comprehensive timing chart would be nice or maybe just fixing kaeris, idk stuff like that.
  5. Naaa gotta draw the line somewhere, maybe if they fix broken rules I could consider that.
  6. There is a free app with all the cards?
  7. Sure or one of the 3 apps or print outs work as well. Then again we could have cards that are wrong, have to order new ones, get the wrong cards, end up writing on your own or just start memorizing the changes. Heck just a few months ago I picked up built the Red chapel box and and find out mid game that I'm luring too hard cause my boxes had old cards in them...
  8. I'd kind of like to see the cards get dropped for something that updates easier. I think Corvis Beli's Infinity got it right.
  9. I dont know, AV 3 is pretty bad for harassment. kinda need to hit things.... last I checked AV3 models cost 3 in malifaux and the game has a similar scale...
  10. I'd like to see Kaeris or Colette reworked into something playable. I mean with all the alt boxes, posters, translucent models etc, you'd think wyrd's poster child would be a solid option to field on the table
  11. what do you believe their function is?
  12. I hope their stats are better than they where a year ago.
  13. This seems like you are looking for the entire faction to be rewritten and that seems rather unreasonable for something that isn't broken. So there is no need to fix it. Maybe in a new edition this could happen. Although wyrd has been resistant to changing models stats unless absolutely necessary otherwise the books become invalid, cards need to be reordered. It's a huge logistical mess honestly.
  14. Rare 3, 1ss Give the bandit key word and "drop it" trigger on tomes (after damaging place a enemy scheme marker within 3" of target) on ML and SH actions. What do you guys think? This would make alot of thematic as anyone in outcast could join up with parker for some banditry, like taelor is from wave 5 story. As well as increasing parker's options of things to take that wont punish him for not being bandits.
  15. Might be your meta but while summoning can be a good move most players here deal with it just fine. More so when guys like Von shill show up and goo go gadget fling your zombies to the steam trunk. That being said with molly she mechanically summons but thematically it's just the unquiet dead being drawn to her. With that and kiria's friendship It makes sense to summon spirits as well as horrors. Many things in ressers are costed for summoning, I think trying to narrow down their summoning pools would only hurt the game and making key words for them seems completely redundant as they
  16. The important issue is, why wasn't Perdita asking out hoffman?
  17. I agree, I wasn't advocating for m3e or m2.5 I just want the current stuff working a little better.
  18. i'd just like to see 0 cost upgrades integrated into their owners as well as revisiting lesser used/older units. Get some balance changes in here and there, where stuff has fallen through the cracks.
  19. Book 5. Con's: had too much re-used art, each taking up half a page at a time creating a lot of dead space. I found many of the new character designs to be lacking in the style that I had come to expect of weird as before this I would have a hard time pointing out art or models I didn't care for.(friekorp engineers not wearing their signature suits, lotus eaters looking like wanna be sumo wrestlers, steam fitters-everything.) Guild story read like a bad sitcom and would have been better in chronicles. If Perdita was actually asking Hoffman out or if McCabe had gotten t
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