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  1. seeing as im the only person here in on TOS i cant play test :0
  2. From what you say it doesnt sound as bad. I was going off the cards that are on the main site. With the addition of the test needing to be successful that does make it more balanced. I still see 1-2 rail guns used as card draw/ cycling engines similar to Malifaux's philip. needing 1 ap a draw a card, if tomes draw an extra card. (or if cheated 4-7 of tomes) cycle a card. I was thinking it was fireteam dying for drawing a card, unit does seem pretty fair. as with Cult their ability to give shaken is fairly strong but how often are they being used to debuff opponents rather than to s
  3. seeing as they have 4 cheap units, mauraders, railgunners, the light cavalry and crow runners at 6. I feel like they dont need the ability to destroy the activation game. looking at the card draw mechanics, I agree they are more likely to use them but every unit having a 25% chance to draw a card seems a little too strong. especially when rail gunners draw a card for flipping a 4, adjuncts giving you a card when their host unit ends activation and you get a card when anything dies. It all seems a bit much when these guys are also the elite faction.
  4. Is it specific factions or models? Is it possible to get the product piecemeal as they finish? How about the shirts/rules/ a pdf of the rules etc? I'm sure as people get the rule book, inspiration from the rules and fluff will increase confidence in the project and possibly increase late pledges or up existing pledges. Never hurts to keep the hype train fueled up... @Aaron
  5. yin and izamu are both good and dual faction
  6. If they could release the rule book as a PDF to backers would be nice. Or if they where lying and it shows up next month on my birthday would work too
  7. um, japanese mythology is unclear if wanyudo are yokai~a ghost of sorts, an oni, or something else entirely. the main legend that I found on it says it 's like the reincarnation of an evil/cruel tyrant forced to serve as an agent of 'hell' crushing the unwary and hunting bad people. this box feels like it could be a double dip for yan lo fans
  8. Speculation: Grave golem will drop a corpse every time it takes damage. katashiro might be like voodoo dolls or have swap around movement tricks. possibly an aura of damage tanking? wanyudo melee beater (roller) either oni, ancestor or both mourners i guess are spirits. probably just mooks but maybe scheme runners or tarpits?
  9. Manos translates to hands ALso thanks for the better rez pics! That really helps the curiosity.
  10. "dreaded manos.....immortal necromancer" possible reference to the first necromancer. However he was defeated and Jean-Philip Archambault took his grimoire and raised his own horde, could be a reference there or to something new entirely. Can anyone find a higher rez pic? Also what book is the add in?
  11. I'm pretty excited. These models will be playable in tournament games, yes?
  12. I’ll be counting it as double points for “ours” based on wording. When skulls out that bone pile is two bone piles for objectives only.
  13. Comparing hayreddin to thunders 6ss models he still holds up really well, he just kinda needs to be solo. Looking forward to trying him soon.
  14. How does big jake/bone pile’s counts as 2 models interact with “ours”. Do they count has having 2 identical models thus double SS cost for scoring or is it just count as multiple bodies for something that cares about number of units?
  15. seeing as it is 1910's earth I've been looking at a lot of period pics for concepts and Ideas, WW1 and WW2 style terrain should work well if it's the right size. Honestly seems like visiting a train store might be the way to go.
  16. I tend to summon draugr if i have 2 at least face cards and 3 targets to plink,I've found it's very likely to 0 action one of them to kill something and pop them all up to 4wds. then if one gets killed the other goes up to 5 and kills something popping up to 6. with archie in the mix you'll end up with 2-3 draugr at full health by turn 3-4.
  17. Can we get an updated release schedule? those December bone piles seem to have gone missing...
  18. So with the power creep and now this cost reduction, I'm curious what this means for the game. As a company this seems like a solid way to sell more models. However are we going to see more spam in lists? Is the average model count going up by one or 2? How would this affect average game time? I'll be interested to see the results. All that being said, I still don't see TT's henchmen being played any more. They went from bad to very situational.
  19. YEASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having played northern aggression almost two years ago, my friends and I have been waiting for this, any Ideas on what quarter it might come out?
  20. Hey that is better, thanks for some relevant information. AV4 sounds like it's on the low end, fair for their stone cost but still usable.
  21. It does has nested rules but it works well as a system in my opinion. Mind you it is also translated from Spanish if something is too ambiguous for you, though I've never seen anything that was ambiguous, care to enlighten? Edit: double post woops!
  22. Fair point, Age of sigmar, and warhammer 40k seem to have adapted to this problem and risen above. Although they have their rules online for free in both app and printable form. They have a lot of unique rules to each unit as well. Now I played a bit back in 1.5 and M2e was supposed to streamline a lot, and it did. However wyrd has gotten away from that a bit. Not that I'm faulting them.
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