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  1. This had a fun spooky/grim dark vibe to it. Looking forward to reading more Earth-side stories! Thanks!
  2. people really getting shipping notices or is this an elaborate ruse?
  3. huh... what about just writing an email to their customer support? honestly kind of surprised it closed.
  4. Don't speculate, participate! join the m3e beta today!
  5. yeah but i mean she's mostly pouting on the mountain right? not really attacking anyone. just sorta moping and eating dudes.
  6. Isn't karis a prime example of someone who is just trying to watch the world burn and using anyone who doesnt help as logs especially if they are guild? Marcus himself has attacked the guilds outposts and forts in the norther barrens using snakes like IED's, night raids, psycological warfare, no to mention creating a cult around himself as he mutilates and mind controls his followers. Raspy is a recluse and maybe the least offensive. Colette runs the smuggling operations, weather human trafficking, weapons, soul stones, doesnt matter. Ironsides was running like a mob silencer and information n
  7. Wut? an LGS has mark up. Sometimes like my LGS over MSRP, and only preordering gets you down to msrp. This doesnt bother me as much as I tend to buy med/smaller sets from them but I honestly thought everything on the KS was supposed to be a good deal with Wyrd like most KS projects getting a minimum take home so they could fund a huge product line they would capitalize on after launch. I get the the pledges are a great deal, however I thought the add-on where supposed to be saving you a decent percentage, I didn't buy whole line but I could have gotten a couple extra squads for the difference.
  8. I feel like it's just going to get worse / crazier without papa ramos keeping everyone in line
  9. Nope, and there is no reason even in first ed to buy the FMA. 1e is dead long live 2e. (seriously huge improvements) The FMA didnt do much if anything to provide good tools for the fate master.
  10. just hoping things are going smoothly but this gives me more time to mess with the ToS AI i'm working on
  11. I'm hoping to do some some demos in cali asap
  12. Idk hamlin(plague), tara (oblivion), Rasputina,(who murdered her own child and is a cannibal), Lucius(bent on 2 worlds of domination), Nicodem (bent on turning malifaux into an undead state lich king style or nagash), McCmourning (also a murdering mad man), Albus von stook (another murdering mad man), kaeris (becoming a murderous mad women), Marcus (forcibly mind controlling, and experimenting on people and animals just cause, then making a cult that worships him out of it) Nytemare(while not a master is still a tyrant and reveals in fear and death), Leveticus (who lobotomizes people[women] to
  13. There are spells that can increase your base stats as well as some machines like the pneumatic harness. Ideally the engineer class should be able to invent things that could improve stats as well...or if you are a stitched you could talk to the Fate master about allowing your friend to sew bigger arms/ legs to you to make you more powerful and finally the invested (sentient constructs) have many of their own talents for improving their profile in very robot-y ways!
  14. Hoffman is the "goodest" guy in setting, he keeps most of the guild corruption out of the amalgam offices and operates off the laws, similarly lady Justice's death martials are more devoted to rooting out necromancy than any form of profit especially seeing as they all live on borrowed time despite as they are becoming the monsters they hunt. As for the Ortegas, they arnt just monster hunters, they are martials and sheriffs of the frontier, they are also farmers. They look after and help the frontiers people not just as protectors but they teach them how to work the land and will also help the
  15. maybe the hold ups were to get the retail on track
  16. anyone running a mech list?
  17. thanks, as for The other place, I'm on there but it's kinda bleh. maybe its because we are waiting for the game but I'm trying to find more active conversations, than meme'ry and whinging about the pushbacks
  18. Guild tarot would be solid as well!
  19. The new guild book "above the law" gives a very strong insight into the setting. considering it's malifaux government and is pervasive in daily life, I'd say it's a must read. Also the monster manual sections of all the TTB expansions is diaries and adventures from emiline bellerose written sort of like an expedition journal. Lastly the penny dreadfuls are good set pieces and cool ideas for things in malifaux even if they can be lackluster adventures. Ps dont forget to check out wyrd chronicles the monthly? web-zine usually has a story or two about malifaux. best of luc
  20. Sorry I dont know, ordered it from gencon, good fluff, great classes and new weapons, not to mention emmiline belleroses' adventure continues! hope you can get a hold of this book soon. (it's actually my favorite so far!)
  21. not going to lie, and extra bike or two might have to be my first get after release. though an extra rifle corp, would be nice too...
  22. I'm torn between, the idea of beefing up KE, getting a bigger splash of abyssinia or at somepoint getting horo+hordes for demo purposes (and kaiju fights)
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