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  1. Entry into iron painter round 4
  2. Well, that was a manic couple of weeks :-/ had so much to deal with I had no time to complete an entry and almost ended with a DNF but I have managed to scrape something together from my original idea, not what I wanted but at least it's an entry :-) I have seen what my opponents work is like and I expect they will get a well deserved win and I will be relaxing in the last round in the exclusive eliminated club :-) good luck to everyone in the votes :-)
  3. Kilvo

    Round Three Voting - Information

    Cheers @Zatch I really liked yours too, to be honest I thought you got the theme closer than I did for what its worth :-) I think your correct on the voting system, it would be an improvement if the models were scored in a similar way to round one. :-)
  4. @Zatch :-) really like your entry. Good luck mate, I think this will be a good contest :-)
  5. Got a structure to work from at long last... Been a long time getting started on this one so really need to pull my finger out now :-)
  6. Thank you @Whirler I had loads of fun with the building and painting but my photography skills suck :-/ I'm working on improving my photos in case I make it to the next round.. Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback :-)
  7. Kilvo

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Been away for a week in Spain so back to frantic painting before I go back to work :-) @sycorax just popped a couple of progress pics of my base up in the WIP section for you :-) here's to a damn good battle and may the best man win :-)
  8. Base work pretty much completed :-) now to get the rest finished :-)
  9. Kilvo

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    I'm routing for you :-) don't want a DNF :-)