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  1. @Кай, will this vintage Pandora of count as single miniature or it will be "suspended diorama"? I plan to get this miniature tomorrow.
  2. Three winter squires for the knight! Now I have an idea how to decorate the stands rest Gupps.
  3. Blage


    big monster standing behind
  4. Thanks, @Zanna, good luck. I do not know whose victory I will wait for more, mine or yours. I had a couple of ideas. A more modest idea is chosen. The next outage can always happen on the day of work.
  5. Lady in the sewers. The lady in trouble. Lenny need ...
  6. Ahaha, I still have 22 hours to collect everything! My camera and light are terrible. Today I'll get a lamp. The last week was tedious.
  7. Good luck, @Nikodemus! Let's have fun in this "summer camp" of rare techniques.
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