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  1. TheOogieBoogieMan

    Returning player from Dorset (UK)

    Hi folks! I'm returning to Malifaux after a long absence (1.5 was the last time i played really, other than a quick game of 2e). Not sure why i ever really fell out of playing, but i recently recalled how excellent the game/setting/models are, so i'm coming back. No idea what faction i'm going to settle on (first....i expect i'll end up with 2), seems wise to wait for Broken Promises at this point to see what new stuff appears. So yep, hello, hope to see/play with some of you soon
  2. TheOogieBoogieMan

    The Year of Guild!

    Thanks. I'm just trying to decide between Thunders and Guild for my returning faction....i'm not super competitive (i'll play tournaments but as long as i can do ok and have fun, i won't be bothered by not winning everything) but just want to get the lay of the land a bit. I'm considering holding off until Broken promises is out and GG18 is a bit more known before buying too much. I suppose i could just get McCabe for now though to hedge my bets...
  3. TheOogieBoogieMan

    The Year of Guild!

    Thats fair. I'm only just coming back to the game after a long hiatus so i'm waaaay out of touch on how well anything is doing.....i was hoping for "better than GG17" more than "not worse" though, i'll be honest
  4. TheOogieBoogieMan

    The Year of Guild!

    How is the Guild play going now that Summoners have had the Peon change reversed out of interest?