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  1. You're currect it is the wrong wording, so it will be adjusted in the next update. Thanks for the catch.
  2. Hey, so the reason the card is set aside is only for the literal time it takes to shuffle the deck during an Activation. If a player were to do this Action at the start of their Activation they have to stop what they are doing, shuffle their cards, then get back to the Action. When/If a player does this 7 times in a single Turn, they are spending a lot of time in their Activation shuffling their deck (7x shuffle to be sure it is random). By having them shuffle at the end of their Activation, play can quickly pass to their opponent and no time is wasted shuffling the deck.
  3. Hey this was just a miner (that was bad) mistake, he meant to say that it could dig for Soulstones and Interact if need be.
  4. This is not the change. If an Action would kill a model from damage suffered from a Condition, the model taking the Action is considered to have killed the model. -- I.E Immolate and Blood Poisoning give the model Kill Credit.
  5. Hey everyone, Just wanted to mention that injured currently hurting a model during its activation is something Kyle and I are thinking about, as it is currently pretty harsh taking more hits from enemies and having a harder time taking actions during your own activation. That being said we are still looking into if transitioning the condition to not effect a model during its activation( or however the condition may look) is the best possible version for the game.
  6. Hey everyone, So after going over your feedback, this is where we are thinking about going: Injured +X: This model suffers -X to its duel totals (to a maximum of -2). End this Condition at the end of this model’s Activation. -- This is the same as before just with a max. The proposed changes would cause a lot of model changes and many of those models are in a fairly good spot currently. Stunned: This model cannot declare Triggers. This model's Bonus () Actions count against its Action limit. End this Condition at the end of this model’s Activation. -- This is similar to before, but more of a choice on the Stunned model for using Bonus Actions as they can use them but are essentially getting Slow to do it. Focused (we are staying with the previous wording, but giving Concentrate a Once per Activation limitation.) Opinions? These changes let us avoid changing as many models as possible but will make Stunned a bit less debilitating.
  7. Hey Everyone, So Kyle and I have given a lot of thought to Conditions in M3E and want to adjust some of the more harsh Conditions in the game. These are just proposed changes to the Conditions, so if the community doesn't agree then we can work towards something better. Additionally, with these changes, some models will change to accommodate the new Conditions. (Base Injured +2 is going to be reduced, models that give out Stunned are going to be looked into, models using Focused will be looked into). Conditions.pdf Injured +X: Why: Injured is currently a pretty harmful Condition that only gets worse as it goes along, and when stacked by any amount, prevents a models function during their own Activation. This is not only un-fun for the player with an Injured model but also fighting with Distracted as a way to make a model not function as an Attacker. (Offensive Condition) Changes: Max Value of 2. Only gives a penalty to duels during enemy Activations. Stacking extra (past 2) Injured will give Irreducible damage instead of more stacks of Injured. Stunned Why: Stunned is currently in a position where it is way too much bang for your buck and seems to be the answer to how to deal with many models in the game. While we as a team think the (no Triggers) effect is a good inclusion in the game, stacking an additional negative on to it feels similar to kicking the model while it is down. Changes: No longer restricts Bonus Actions. Distracted +X Why: The Wording on distracted was confusing and also used game terms that didn't "technically" exist within M3E, so by changing the wording we hope the effect is more clear to players. (Defensive Condition) Changes: The effect now Triggers off taking Actions that Target enemy models rather than opposed duels that "target" enemy models. Focused Why: Stacking Focus from Turn to Turn is a powerful effect, but can lead to players just wasting the first turn Concentrating to gain Focused for the rest of the game. With these changes, we hope to push players to conserve their Focused Condition a bit more rather than focusing twice turn one and blowing models away turn 2 or beyond. Changes: Focused is no longer a stacking Condition. Other Changes: Not Shown (Assist Callout) We're adding a Callout just after the Conditions page to remind players that the Assist Action exists Damage from Conditions If an Action damages a model from a Condition and kills that model, it now gains Kill Credit for that Action (even though it died from the Burning Condition)- This Change is only removing wording from cards and putting it into the base rules.
  8. Hey Guys, This is a new version of Som'er Teeth Jones and the Big Hat Crew. So please take a look over it and give us your honest feedback. Our intent with this update is to make Som'er's crew feel a bit more cohesive and really push for a horde style of play while also bringing in some Gremlin chaos and flare. Feel free to discuss the proposed version of Som'er in this thread. New-BIG HAT.pdf Old-BIG HAT.pdf
  9. matt

    Kaeris impressions

    nope, that is intended.
  10. matt

    Execute change?

    no, this was just an accidental mistake it should still work the same way as before
  11. matt

    Pandora Debuff

    Just want to point out that they will have to pass a Terrifying duel every time they attack her, regardless of if it is resisted by Df or Wp.
  12. No, Playing with fire will be adjusted next week to something along the lines of: When this model suffers damage from Burning (before damage reduction), it may choose an enemy model within a6 to gain Distracted +1.
  13. matt

    Kaeris impressions

    Sorry, this was unintended, for the next week you can play as though playing with fire resolves even if he suffers 0 damage. Something like this: Playing With Fire: When this model suffers damage from Burning (before damage reduction), it may choose an enemy model within a6 to gain Distracted +1.
  14. matt

    Lucid Dream change

    Good catch! It should say all
  15. Hi, So here damage track has already been updated back to 3/4/6 if you download the file again. and Unfortunately, our version date didn't update when we exported our files so none of them got updated properly.
  16. matt

    Marlena Webster?

    Hey, sorry about this, this was accidentally a typo that went through last week but wasn't caught by us till now, it should be "Target suffers 2/3/4 damage, ignoring Hard to Kill and Hard to Wound."
  17. matt

    Colette Card

    it was just accidentally changed back, and Poof Doves was renamed last minute to Trick of the Hat.
  18. I have a feeling there are new files coming today...
  19. matt

    Hazardous Terrain

    yeah, that is the intent at least.
  20. Hey Everyone, So with last weeks update, we changed how Hazardous terrain worked, and you all pointed out some unintended situations (such as Vent Steam). So we plan on going back to the old system with an additional caveat. Hazardous Terrain: After a model moves through or resolves on of its Actions while in Hazardous Terrain, it suffers the effects of the Hazardous Terrain after the current Action or Ability is resolved (to a maximum of once per Action or Ability). Most of the time, Hazardous Terrain will give a Condition to a model, such as Hazardous Terrain (Burning +1) or Hazardous Terrain (Poison +1). If the Hazardous Terrain does not mention a Condition in its description, the model simply suffers 1 damage. If a Hazardous Terrain Marker is moved, all models the Marker came into base contact with during the move, other than the model moving the marker, suffer the effects of the Hazardous Terrain. This is intended so that it works the same way as before, but should a Hazardous Marker (ex. Pyre) be moved through a model, they suffer the effects of the Marker. Let me know if there are any other questions you have about this, or if you think it causes other problematic situations.
  21. Yes, it is intentional. Dead Dandy's are men and are not of the tempting personality, in the same way that Seamus and TCC are also not temptresses.
  22. yes, the Action is generated. Actions Generated by Effects Many effects in Malifaux, (such as Actions, Abilities, and Triggers) can cause a model to take an Action. When this happens, the new Action is always resolved after the previous Action is completely resolved, including any “After Resolving” effects, but before any new Action can be taken. Actions generated in this way follow the normal sequence for Actions and do not count against a model’s Action limit. Generated Actions don't care who generated the Action or who is taking the Action.
  23. That is how it is intended to work, we just missed the other section in the rulebook when making the change. So that will be changed in the next update.
  24. Von Schtook knows more than even he thought was necessary.
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