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  1. Alan reid Startle should be an attack action
  2. I did some simulations and the numbers come down to the following: In the first two turns the new version is slightly better if you do not assume that you cycle through the deck very quickly. Starting from turn 3 it's almost the same deck average as we had in the last week as you are even MORE likely to lose some higher cards in the first turns because you always shuffle the high cards back into your deck and thus have a higher probability to flip three higher cards in later lucid dreaming uses that turn. In total the average deck is almost the same in both versions in the turns that matter. What I think will make the biggest difference is that in the new version you also have some joker control, the bj can go into the discard and the rj will be shuffled back. This significantly reduces your chance of flipping the bj at all in a duel and increases your chance of flipping the rj. It of course depends a lot on how many cards you flip in a turn, but I think the new version has mainly this effect.
  3. Abilities that can go the wrong way are all over the game. Look at almost any bayou that forces you to use a trigger. Then there is the Lone Swordsman that can kill itself by its last breath if things go unlucky. And basically always you get + flips there is an increased chance of flipping the Black Joker against the average higher chance of a better flip. I will do some simulations and try to convince you also by variance estimates that it is very unlikely that you will make your deck worse and with high probability improve it. I'm actually quite curious how big the difference is between this and last weeks version.
  4. Gulil

    2/14 Pandora

    I agree, but just see a lot of potential discussion by a depressed opponent. Maybe to be sure it should be worded as "When this model is involved in an opposed duel, before either player declares any use of soulstones, this model may end..."?
  5. I played her in closed beta with Titania when she could still cast via any models. Due to the Swampfiend only mechanic I guess she is much less useful in other Crews and has to be played more offensive and may die quite quickly. So if you play her in other Crews I would also bring a Swampfiend which is quite expensive... But I really love zoraida for strats like corrupted idols or to let enemies charge back into their own lines. In particular if your opponent does not know that she will be around and doesn't bring those nasty riders
  6. Gulil

    2/14 Pandora

    I just noticed that we can now also use opportunist on resistence duels. If pandi is targeted by a model with focus do I first remove focus and gain + or does my opponent first declare if he wants to use focus? Timing for opportunist is "before performing an opposed duel" and focus says "before flipping in an opposed duel" which is in my interpretation later... However this could be cause for discussion. If it's considered simultaneous timing the attacking model could first decide by general timing rules...
  7. I had some great games with Tuco. He really is a suicide model, but hits very hard, in particular his push combined with focus can get him out of melee and then hit hard. Also the other evasive models are great if you play against a master that uses Shockwaves or pulses a lot. I played an almost only half blood crew against Wong and it almost seemed unfair because all his models couldn't really hurt me. Bloodwretch were also nice on the field with their risky maneuver bonus and can be quite dangerous. only Maurice never saw the field for me and Angel Eyes seemed useless once my opponent engaged her. I think evasive was originally added to combine the models with black blood Nephilims but I never actually tried this combo.
  8. I'd like to see snapping plant again on the effigy (enemies treat 3" aura as Hazardous). I think it had this bonus action at some point in the closed beta. Since Lilith is DMH I won't bother to have it on another regular model. It would also be fluffy for the Emissary. I agree that the cheat face down was almost always useless in all games I played and cheating last would be too good.
  9. Sorry, but mathematically flipping random cards into your discard pile neither makes the rest of the deck better nor worse (on average). It merely let's you count cards and know what's left in there if you really want to do that. I like the new mechanic but only played dreamer when it was with suffering one dmg and removing the top discard pile card. Even there I thought it was a strong mechanic although my daydreams were only there to do this mechanic and almost died by it... Now I would advise to use it as often as possible (except you really counted cards and know that there are only severe or 7+ remaining in your deck). However, I also like the idea of suffering 2dmg as an alternative to removing one of the cards.
  10. I think we are all not used yet to destructible terrain. If your opponent is aware of your possibilities one action can be used to destroy your hopes of getting where you wanted at a later point. I also scored nice power ritual points by placing a web marker early in the game on the opponents half, but my enemy had many options to destroy it and simply didn't do it. I guess this will balance out once people are aware of the danger these movement tricks pose.
  11. Gulil


    I played Vasilisa in so many crews and she never disappointed me. Her actions might not be great, but her abilities shine. In particular, handing out staggered to all enemies without anything they can do at the start of the turn is awesome (in particular around wicked dolls that then also deal 1 dmg at enemy models activation and have no - to damage flips). Also her plus to walk and carrying other small dolls saved so many schemes for me that I don't want to miss her. In addition armor 2 and heal made her impossible to kill. I admit that in most turns she simply took walk or interact actions, but she doesn't really want to do anything else.
  12. I like your way of thinking RAW the trigger generates the charge and the charge generates the attack, so the attack was not generated by a trigger but by a charge action. However, I can hardly think of any case where a charge is generated by a trigger. Only Zoraidas obey trigger comes to my mind.
  13. Maybe to elaborate a little bit how you can get more rams in the final duel total: One suit is always the card that you flipped or cheated, another suit can be bought by one soulstone before the flip (for henchmen or masters only) and some models already have a suit in their Ml or Sh stat. There are very few other methods that generate additional suits, the riders have some abilities for example or Lenny in gremlins faction gives rams to gremlins in an aura. But as the other answers already wrote, the damage flip is no more part of the duel total
  14. 114) If Sandeep has the To Behold Another World Upgrade and flips Moderate or Severe damage, does the target gain Paralyzed if the damage is completely prevented or reduced to zero (0)? No, it doesn’t gain Paralyzed. To Behold Another World requires the target to suffer damage, which a model taking 0 damage is not (see FAQ #17). For example, if Seamus discarded his Mad Haberdasher Upgrade to reduce the damage to 0, he would not be Paralyzed. (11/1/16) Guess that's it. The wording on mad Haberdasher is "after this model suffers damage this model may reduce the damage to zero" so basically general timing would suggest that the acting can do all stuff based on killing him or damaging him (except after damaging triggers) before his ability kicks in and reduces all damage. But of course the problem is not solved by two very specific cases and a general ruling about getting damaged and then reducing damage or killed and prevent being killed would be nice.
  15. I'd go for targeting at the end. In particular, because a more natural wording would have been: If it does, target other friendly non-leader in 6" may take a (1) action at the end of this model's activation. For some reason they put the phrase "at the end of this model's activation" in the middle of the sentence and the only reason I can think of is to (try to) clarify that targeting is also done at the end of the turn.
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