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  1. Redrick

    Ophelia and Kin

    Dunno, looks fine to me Accidentally shooting an ally while beating the enemy with the butt of the gun is what gremlins do On a side note, has anyone tried 12 cups of coffee on Rami for the bonus action that removes scheme markers for focus? It's kind of expensive, but between Merris being able to place two sceheme markers before blasting away and maybe Sammy having nothing better to do turn one he gets a ton of long-ranged shots
  2. I think Looking down on them should go. An aura which determines if other auras work is fun and fluffy but adds a lot of overhead. Changing other support abilities like Bayou Bash, Gremlin General, Shouting Orders to work on Big Hat minions would work just as well but require less measurements and allow the crew to spread out a little
  3. Would it be game-breaking to somewhat mitigate the number of discards with an ability like this? "When a friendly model within 3 discards a card, this model may suffer 2 damage to draw a card" Basically what was done to Mah in the last book of M2E, but with the added cost of having to suffer damage. It could be put on Banjonistas to help them find them find their place in the crew. Perhaps make it a bonus action to add an extra layer of strategy
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