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  1. A poor choice of example on my part
  2. They are ultimate scheme-runners and speed-bump annoyance pieces to slow down models like Nekima/Lady J, or interact with Corrupted Idols to take damage that your awesome dudes dont want to suffer. Managing the resources required to summon them reliably is a challenge, but you will be rewarded. I tend to value summoning them turn 2 or later, to try and maintain pass-token-control on turn-1-to-2.
  3. Forgot to mention - Having a plus-flip 6 Stat Attack and Masked Agent shutting down defensive triggers seems to cut through a lot of defensive nonsense (bye-bye Kandara! peace out Mama Z!). At that point it's armor that's ruining my day, and if you anticipate armor you can certainly hire around that (though, if you've declared Misaki into Hoffman you will be playing a different game most likely).
  4. If your opponent over-extends a decent model and you can capitalize to quickly take it off the board before reprisal - that's obviously a choice with merit, and I could easily see situational value! There are also certain crews you dont want to just dive into the core of (I took Howard Langston off the board last tournament by activation 1 turn 2, but Ironsides took Misaki down to 2Wd before she was able to bury beginning turn 3). Generally, I'm meeting a lot of success by throwing Misaki/Ototo/Yas into the middle of someone's crew, and then using my other hires to take care of Schemes - even if they dont win that fight, I'm forcing my opponent to do a lot of things they were probably not planning on doing, and they certainly wont be approaching it as efficiently. Everyone has a gameplan till they get punched in the face. If your master or key henchperson has Misaki, Ototo, and Yas all engaging them taking swings - removing their defensive triggers - who do you attack? It depends on what you brought, what you can do, but there isn't a great answer there. Because Ototo, Misaki, and Minako want stones, I dont leave home without 8 - and 10 wont go to waste. Not only for their offensive value in adding suits to critical actions, but also because 1) Ototo loves being at half health, and even with low defenses has stones, a huge health pool, and can juggernaut when he activates; 2) Misaki wants to put incoming damage at a negative flip and then wants to reduce damage for a turn or two; 3) Minako wants to summon Katashiro. This is also why Yas is great - Yas doesn't need anything of mine. He has a plus flipping attack that will almost always hit, my opponent should be giving him his onslaught trigger by simply having cards in hand, and between Df6, Wp7, hard to wound, possibly mitigating incoming damage on defense... he's a great offensive piece that doesn't require further resources from my hand. Ototo and Misaki doing their thing is EXPENSIVE in stones, Minako similarly wants at least a stone or two a game probably to summon. Katashiro can go scheme, Torakage can do the same, Archer can counter-scheme and annoy... the rest of my hires will fall into scheme and strat choices. Even if Misaki doesn't win that fight, those 3 models will not fold immediately, and the chaos they cause or the model(s) they remove will net me enough advantage to win. That's the idea anyway.
  5. I love a lot of things about 10T in 3E and Misaki is one of them. The way she ends up playing out on the field creates a really cool narrative of a stealth assassin who also feels like a general commanding troops around and when resources are at hand she can set up surprisingly reliable damage. The core I end up taking quite often starts with: Misaki/Shang Ototo + Masked Agent Yasunori + Masked Agent // OR // McCabe + Masked Agent OFTEN TAKEN: Minako Rei (+H2K , but not always) - no Minako into Reckoning. I generally dont prefer to take dual masters, unless I'm up against an Obey master declared before hiring. In which case, Ototo and Yas are a bit of a liability. Otherwise, she only really needs Ototo to be in position to charge someone while he himself is within 3" or so of a shadow marker - translation: TURN 1 - Ototo walks up - 'The Storm is Coming' and burns a stone or is ready to meet the 5Mask requirement from hand so that he can place a Shadow Marker within 6" and then place himself in base contact with that shadow marker. He may be done for the turn, but Misaki can now activate - unbury at the shadow marker Ototo just placed - Ototo used that massive movement to be within charge range of an enemy so Misaki now issues Oyabun's Command to make Ototo charge, and can taxi Misaki in, giving her a very generous reposition (the requirement is that the 'WITH ME' model brought along in Masked Agent Upgrade will be placed in base contact with a model the bearer ends engaged with. Ototo was told to Charge, he has CHARGE THROUGH - if you have the stones you should bring, and some cards you hopefully got and were hopefully able to save, Ototo can find himself at a straight damage flip on the charge often. Now Misaki is taxi'd up the board even further, just got her beater to swing hard at something, and she herself has 2 more AP and a bonus action left. She can charge whomever she likes (MOBILE WARRIOR) from here, and she herself will also benefit from that same CHARGE THROUGH +flip to damage on her charge action, and may even be within the Masked Agent aura from Ototo that prevents opponents from declaring defensive triggers (bye bye Collette! Albus, stay over there!!). Sometimes you dont have the resources, and sometimes you need to keep her back, in which case having a lightning strike is at least something she can do to bubble crews, or when she doesn't have a high hand. Yasunori is an excellent Masked Agent holder as well, as he can save lives by performing his bonus action and (not always, but in most cases) should be able to get free of combat and able to charge - or walk/charge something on the edge of the scrum to ferry someone out, or reposition them for next round. I hardly ever get use out of both Masked Agents, sometimes Yas wants H2K instead (or for 2 stones more than YAS+UPGRADE I can have 2 Katanaka Snipers, which allow for an absolutely disgusting alpha strike provided the board/deployment allow) even if I dont get value from both upgrades, having the option of either is something I value during the game. Not to mention, if your opponent has brought anything with defensive triggers they will likely be intimidated by these auras and I truly believe that kind of thing factors into forcing errors from your opponent. Depending on deployment and how aggressive my opponent is, Misaki wants to do this at the end of round 1. I will almost always be the more elite crew and almost always carry a pass token or two into round 2, and this is important - because we need to win initiative on round 2 to seal the deal and take that big piece of the board. If Misaki can plan herself right, she can soften something down herself, or just send Ototo at it activation 1 turn 2 where dumping your decent cards into his Oyabun's command will net you FAST on Ototo when he actually activates later that turn. If you manage to get a couple high cards to guarantee attacks, and even a couple moderates to cheat for damage, Misaki can prompt Ototo to charge and likely high a straight flip on damage, and she herself can then charge and likely hit a straight flip on damage. The only thing she needs to start this off, is for Ototo to be within charge range of an enemy by the end of round 1, when he places the Shadow Marker Misaki wants to use to begin the show. An easy to see alternative is that Yasunori activates earlier than either Ototo or Misaki, and finds himself in a place where Misaki can Oyabun's command 2 targets instead of 1. Between a shot from a sniper each (or a Yas charge), an Ototo charge swing, a misaki charge swing - which you can likely put on the same target, in turn 1 - or at the latest activation 1 turn 2 - I see her as the strongest alpha-strike threat in 10T.
  6. To me this conversation has lost the spirit of the wording, I do not agree that the Obeying model is in control of the model, I read Obey to cause my model to take an action, that action is controlled by the Obeying model. Ownership has not changed, an enemy model is activating, an enemy model’s action wishes to move my model - no, I’m sorry, I have Laugh Off. I need a FAQ, or official clarification to believe otherwise. This seems very black and white to me. I may be Obeyed to punch, I may be Obeyed to interact, I will not be Obeyed to move, or to charge - as that would be an action that wants to move my model during an enemy models activation. The ACTION is chosen and controlled by the obeying model, it isn’t their model now. Activation did not just change.
  7. Shielded is a condition that Shenlong can move to himself or his own models with a simple duel that other models do not even have a chance to resist. Focus and Shielded should have been Shenlong's conditions if he wanted them - that sounds like a gross misplay on Shenlong's part. It also sounds like the Monk opponent didn't take a great crew for achieving something explicitly killy like Assassination. Having Sensei Yu axed in a single turn is not typical. Hard to Kill, stones, Chi, decent defense - to see him die in a single activation is atypical to say the least. I have to think they were not reserving cards for defense, were not using Chi to boost those duels, and/or not spending stones to prevent damage on Yu. The "some monks" part of it is very significant - if those were High River Monks which the point allotment and other suggestions may have already identified - even 2 High River Monks and Shenlong are plenty of damage output. These are the first thoughts that come to mind.
  8. What was the Strat/Scheme pool? I would disagree that the first turn is best spent generating Chi in almost all cases, unless your selected Scheme/Strat allow you to sit back and wait for the opponent. In which case Archers or Snipers are going to be great takes. Shenlong isn't a horrible take into Sandeep. Sometimes the deck is just against you, sometimes we dont always take the best schemes or dont count on someone countering our necessary tech. That being said, till I understand what you were both trying to do, it's hard to give advice.
  9. Great clarification! Thanks for that!
  10. The specific wording on both of these abilities indicate the 'TARGET SUFFERS X/X/X DAMAGE, IGNORING ______ AND __________'. The fact they specifically say 'target suffers' - and not 'models damaged'; or something more generous creates the confusion. According to the rules-lawyer in me, neither archer blast nor shenlong's blast would grant those extra benefits to any model other than the original target. However, the wording of Shenlong's 'Dragon's Light' includes wording specific to 'for each model killed' - which seems inconsistent in wording and makes me think the 'target' specific wording was mistakenly worded in the first place. Open to interpretation, I would argue that 'damage caused' by those abilities would be a simpler and more fair wording.
  11. Feels viable, definitely have their weaknesses: 1. 1" Melee range on all models except FRM. 2. Average life-pools, no armor, and are highly susceptible to sources of automatic damage and pip damage. Given the above issue, black blood is highly problematic for monks. 3. Overcome Chi by focusing a single model, or spamming AoE (they wont have enough chi to pass everything, and they need to be clustered to maximize auras). Definitely not without shortcomings and weakness, but still very strong.
  12. Just to throw my 2 cents into this one : Both of these things happen at the start of this model's activation, we have not left the 'start of this model's activation' stage of the game during the equipping of Flesh Ascendant. As the effect of equipping the ascendant upgrade takes place, the model is granted Regeneration, which - having not been evaluated during the 'start of this model's activation' stage - is still free for us to evaluate in the order the activating model chooses, so I may choose to Regenerate next - right? I would love for someone who knows the rules better to correct me. Perhaps explicit timing is worded in a way that prohibits this chain of events, but I see an argument at the very least for my understanding of the rules.
  13. Outplayed


    REVISITING THE HONEYPOT: Played 2 games with Lynch's crew over the weekend. Brilliance flows; once the game gets going, if you can keep track of all the ways in which Brilliance will accumulate on a target it: will be everywhere. Lynch is sturdier than you may think; definitely moreso than M2E. You will break yourself on him trying to kill him. You will likely be pulled away before you can. If anybody has a single Brilliance or more, is at a negative flip (Dont Bite the Hand). Kitty is extremely mobile, even with changes to Reaching Tendrils - she's fine. My only complaint about her right now is that for being a scheme/objective oriented model she has no tech to get around simply being engaged. Definitely not an auto-include as some have stated. No single ability/action/trigger/interaction is too strong by itself or feels unfair - but in aggregate, the card manipulation, the context of everything adding brilliance, using it, interacting with it, all top notch and effective - without Lynch needing to be the only person that cashes in on it. Enough Brilliance is flowing that other models get to use them without taking away the threat of Lynch himself. Lynch isn't a killer, not nearly as much as he was. He's a support/aura-debuff master more than anything now - and the fact that he has Succumb to Darkness is more icing on the cake than the point of his card, as far as I now see it. His crew does work, he puts out Brilliance better than anybody, can reposition Huggy with his gun, and in most cases will at least produce a depleted from a Succumb to Darkness without any help from other models setting him up. The increasing number of penalties and drawbacks to finding yourself partying in the HONEYPOT make it very difficult for models to take malicious action against the core group of Lynch/Gwyneth/Tannen/Beckoners - Party Never Ends: Enemies cheating within aura6 gain a brilliance (Beckoners/Gwyneth); Hold'em: Every time an enemy model cheats fate within aura6 it takes 1 damage after action resolved (Lynch); Trump Cards: Whenever an enemy model flips an ace it gains a Brilliance token (Lynch); Dont Bite the Hand: enemy models with brilliance targeting this model are at a negative flip to attack actions (Beckoner/Lynch); Delerium: once per activation within aura6 a model adding a brilliance marker may be moved 2" or take 1 damage (Tannen). Faster than I would have thought - Huggy has Mv 6 and so does Kitty, but between Kitty's 'On Your Heels' trigger, and Lynch being able to put Huggy on a pistol target with a tome - you can move around a lot of soulstones real quick. There's more, but these are the things I discovered that had challenged my previously held opinions of Lynch from earlier in the beta that I found improved or refreshing. HONEYPOT works, it's thematic, it has play in several pools, it doesn't feel unfair. I think Lynch seems pretty good. If I were to make any attempt at constructive criticism it may be just that Graves doesn't seem like an option I want to hire over others. Good model, seems worth his value, not even sure what to recommend. Just less likely that I will hire Graves into Honeypot than any other member of the keyword.
  14. Haven't tried it, definitely has play. Geisha in Lynch is a good fit too - negative Wp duel when it's time to Succumb? Oh, and you delivered them here for me with that Lure too? How convenient... I see a lot of overlap between the Honeypot and Qi&Gong; I like that this fits thematically too!
  15. I'm not being intentionally obtuse, I would agree that the spirit of the TCW's restrictions should prohibit the use of this ability and I would respect that until clarified otherwise. However, the name of a model is not in the written words of that action, and it does not summon a model or attach an upgrade. I believe there is enough misunderstanding to legitimate clarification, if not in the wording of the actions themselves, then at least a FAQ. There are those of us who will be relied upon to clarify these nuanced interactions in tournament settings, and in a 'rules lawyer prove it' situation: I see enough grounds for a discussion at the very least - even potentially - for someone to believe this interaction should be permitted.
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