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  1. Question: can Scion "target Buried models or draw range and LoS from friendly Obliteration Minions" always, or only while buried?
  2. Hello everyone! The Open Beta is coming to an end, so: If you are interested in learning M3E rules, I will be available in Wargamer, Kielce ( https://www.facebook.com/wargamer.kielce/ ), usually on Thursdays around 17-20 (starting next Thursday, 14 March), but we can set a different date. If you want to play, contact me via PM or write on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1509384249354011/ Cheers, Mark
  3. But nothing stops you from declaring the trigger. Target model isn't buried when you declare the trigger, but it is when you resolve it, so you can leech from it. It's "After succeeding: choose a Buried model", not "When declaring: choose a Buried model".
  4. It is clarified, not in "Turf War", but on page 41 in section C. Determine Scenario
  5. You are right. EDIT: nope, I misunderstood.
  6. Jingizu

    Hannah Lovelace

    I guess infinite loop is what you get for trying to cast a spell inside your own counter-spell. Don't mess with magic "The only Freikorps model in range" sounds very situational. And this loop ends after she flips 1-5, so I don't think it would really be a problem.
  7. You don't get multiple blasts for multiple . It does not stack.
  8. This is true. This is false. It works just like Fast, in the same activation (and it ends at the end of model’s Activation). So if you gain Slow during first Action, you can't take the second one, but if you gain Slow during second Action, nothing bad happens (because you have already declared all actions).
  9. Not only, shadow affects LoS as well. So in the case from the drawing Justice doesn't have LoS to Parker, because she's in the building's shadow, so the building can't be ignored. If she would move out of the shadow, the building would be ignored, and they would see each other.
  10. Then we would need two costs for each master - one as a Leader, second as secondary master (they are often somehow nerfed, for example summoners).
  11. You can place marker like this (range 0, in base contact): But can't like this (range 0, but not in base contact):
  12. When you are determining, whether or not two models are in base contact, range is irrelevant. To be in base contact they have to be physically touching. In the picture below I recreated two examples from page 12 (used crate instead of Ht1 rock). On the left - bases are physically touching. On the right - they are not.
  13. Noooo... Don't take away my dark-power-serving, vitality-potioned, rocket-boot-jumping, assault-shielded, booby-trapped-with-landmines Desolation Engine! For me big part of fun in Malifaux is searching for combos. I wouldn't like the game to lose too much fun "just in case, for the future". Containing buffs within a keyword is safe for sure, but let's first test if it's really needed.
  14. But it still counts as a bonus action, even while Stunned X) It just also counts toward Action limit, like "normal" actions. Question is, why was it written in that topic, but not in the rulebook You could add in Shrug off something like "This action doesn't count against the Action limit even if this model is Stunned". But on the second thought, if the developers wanted it to work this way, they would probably write it 😕
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