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  1. Not only, shadow affects LoS as well. So in the case from the drawing Justice doesn't have LoS to Parker, because she's in the building's shadow, so the building can't be ignored. If she would move out of the shadow, the building would be ignored, and they would see each other.
  2. Then we would need two costs for each master - one as a Leader, second as secondary master (they are often somehow nerfed, for example summoners).
  3. You can place marker like this (range 0, in base contact): But can't like this (range 0, but not in base contact):
  4. When you are determining, whether or not two models are in base contact, range is irrelevant. To be in base contact they have to be physically touching. In the picture below I recreated two examples from page 12 (used crate instead of Ht1 rock). On the left - bases are physically touching. On the right - they are not.
  5. Noooo... Don't take away my dark-power-serving, vitality-potioned, rocket-boot-jumping, assault-shielded, booby-trapped-with-landmines Desolation Engine! For me big part of fun in Malifaux is searching for combos. I wouldn't like the game to lose too much fun "just in case, for the future". Containing buffs within a keyword is safe for sure, but let's first test if it's really needed.
  6. But it still counts as a bonus action, even while Stunned X) It just also counts toward Action limit, like "normal" actions. Question is, why was it written in that topic, but not in the rulebook You could add in Shrug off something like "This action doesn't count against the Action limit even if this model is Stunned". But on the second thought, if the developers wanted it to work this way, they would probably write it 😕
  7. Strongarm Suit was renamed to Arik Schoettmer. Freikorpsmen can be quite good scheme runners. If you equip them with rocket boots they can Leap for , and thanks to Equipment Training they don't have to lose the boots (but pay 1 dmg for that). If you equip them with Assault Shields, it can soak up damage from Equipment Training.
  8. Let's see... If we combine both, then the attack itself: - doesn't count against a model's Action limit (this comes from two sources, but it doesn't really matter) - is still action, and you can still only resolve one such per Activation, because the Charge doesn't change that in any way But the Charge itself still counts against the Action limit. So, you used one Action from the limit (for the charge), and one Action (so can't use another ). As for the "Shrug off" - in M3E we don't spend AP, now we have Action limit. Question is, do you "mark boxes" in the limit when taking actions (I don't think so, because it would be still spending AP), or do you check the limit each time you want to declare an action (and that's what I believe). It isn't really said in the text, it's just my interpretation. And for sure it needs clarification, this way or another.
  9. I thought you can take Shrug off (it counts against the "normal" action limit), end Stunned, and then stops counting against the "normal" limit, so you can still take two other actions.
  10. VS ignores cover now, which is nice. Just focus and aim for this sweet moderate 4, don't think about the weak
  11. Technically, it's sometimes Sh 6... So if you have tomes, you place a scheme marker (and gain +1 Sh for it) before determining success.
  12. Did you see new rules upload? The newest version of Injured is: Injured +X: This model suffers -X Df and Wp. During the End Phase, end this Condition.
  13. It is defined, on Page 12 of the rulebook, as I wrote before. If Scion is buried, she can't be in physical contact with a marker on the table.
  14. "Deliver a Message" is an only scheme / strat, that allows you to interact while engaged. It's first VP is easy to score for many models.
  15. That's not exactly what I call a dream-team, but: If a good plan for Outcast player is "take some out-of-keyword models", then maybe it's also a good plan for Hoffman player? And if he'll say "but I wanted to play pure Augmented" Outcast player will say "I wanted to play pure Tormented / Obliteration / whatever too".
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