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  1. Everything on here is very impressive. How did you do the metal on Talos? (And how do you prime? Airbrush?)
  2. With Faction Packs sold out all over, is the intention to continue printing and restocking them or were they launch only?
  3. I think Benny might be your trap. I dont think he synergizes well as a bandit, especially not enough to justify 8 stones. Convict Gunslingers look great. Run and gun is great. They can shoot in melee. And they get an innate plus flip on their gun. Still toying around myself, so not too much else to offer.
  4. Am I reading the rules correctly, in that a Master with the Fast condition still only gets 3 actions, since the rule for Fast specifies a model can take a maximum of 3 actions? If true, are there any other benefits to putting Fast on a master, beyond canceling Slow?
  5. Tangled Shadows, for example, does not check whether you are ABLE to place until after success, so you can definitely declare a target, take the duel, and then be screwed because you can't place there. Not an "illegal target," but one without potential for placement, all the same.
  6. It's not as simple as "that is that." As Paddywhack stated, your opponent couldn't place there, they might be able to place elsewhere. To clarify, depending on the action, if you didn't have to choose a target prior to succeeding, you could choose to place elsewhere. That said, I think most effects like this tend to have an enemy target prior to the flip. The best example I can think of is Tangled Shadows on Lilith. You target an enemy model and, upon success, place a friendly model in base contact. Here, if you select a target in her bubble and flip, you are SOL, AP is spent.
  7. I don't think there is an appetite to change any of the models in the starter box. The last thing you want, when attempting to bring new players in, is immediately slap them with a need to get new cards. Honestly, they probably belong on the lower end of the curve, as they are teaching tools.
  8. Personally, I think Thralls are perfect for Lucius' theme, as they are lackeys on chains that he can order around. But, beyond that, look at Wardens, Mounted Guards, and Guild Hounds. The hounds are great to pad out activations and can be a PITA when running in a pack. Riflemen can sometimes work well with Dashell, but is very board dependent. If shooting lanes are bad, they are worthless. If you are going law themed, the Jury can be an excellent add. She puts hurt out and adds some decent utility (can also synergize with the lawyers).
  9. You declare triggers before determining success. The added mask works for both.
  10. That was much less salacious than I was hoping for. But, interesting challenge you've set for yourself.
  11. Well, now I have to demand an answer. That phrasing makes it too tempting, like a big red button that says "do not press."
  12. I honestly can't come up with an answer. The ability doesn't mention Graves by name. It is restricted to once per ally, but only by the model doing it. Hopefully they will enlighten us.
  13. At that point, buying two singles, it is likely worth just getting the crew. If you want Vogel, you are taking Surprisingly Loyal, so lawyers can come too. I've seen lawyers do good work, fees on a beater will make them think twice sometimes.
  14. Ah yes, Von Schill's "finish the curtains" action. So crucial when attempting to properly decorate...
  15. Do we have any idea what time the sale will go live?
  16. Ludvig is correct, the two you have will make for a good start and it will take you quite a few games just to get a handle on them (I recommend easing in with Lilith first, she can play a very straight forward, killy game, but to really shine I think you need to use her as board control instead of a hammer. It is a good lesson for the game as a whole). Among other masters, you have some good models for Lucius, that could also be transferred into Guild, if you wanted (graves and tannen). Rougarou are decent too. I personally just prefer Lucius to Lynch, so that's my bias.
  17. Jesus, f-ing autocorrect. Thats what I get for not checking.
  18. Mainly because I do not own Queeg or the investigator at this point. That said, some long range shooting is pretty nice to have in NB. Nobody is expecting it.
  19. As an example, I recently played 2 Riflemen, Dashell, and a terracotta warrior into NB Lucius. The results were decidedly "eh", but with the right board/pool I could see it doing work.
  20. I would think so. It says the target "may", implying it is their choice whether to remove it or not.
  21. I haven't played a ton with dreamer, but I feel like you are giving up too much synergy by going out of theme. Dreamer gives benefits to (and gets benefits from) nightmares. Teddy fits this, but tots and the baby do not. If you have the models, Insideous Madness would seem like a better fit for a scheme runner. Terror tots are good schemers, but don't get anything extra from Dreamer.
  22. If I remember correctly, the Emissary line came about when Collodi's effigies were hit with energies from the Event. So, they are boosted puppets.
  23. Might as well design yourself to buying the upgrade box, just like the generalist ones (or copying out of the book, which is tournament legal).
  24. So much this. I had plus flips on a horror duel. First card would have passed, but the second was the black joker. Lilith paralyzed on her first AP. Not the only mistake I made that game, but it nicely wiped away any chance I had of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.
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