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  1. This is just theory, but the way I see it now, if I declare Colette as my leader, my opponent just have to bring something that deals Stunned and she's screwed. If she tries to do her job, she'll just die easily. It seems to me that Stunned is a just too strong counter. That's not fun, not at all.
  2. Do you think now with Df 4 there will be more reason to fade away and burn cards/Wds?
  3. Fair enough, put them on the table and collect data to support your claim. But I really think the important here is to show their problems, and not comparing with a master from other faction, which is pointless. Looking on pure stats Colette may have better defenses, but in the context of faction, keyword and her own design, things may differ a lot. Maybe if Colette was a Neverborn master, she would be way more OP, with the same ruleset.
  4. I guess you didn't get what I meant. I can't see the point on comparing pure stats. Do Lady J need better defenses to work properly? If she does, and only putting her on the table will show that, than she needs a buff. Comparing stats of models from different factions/keywords just doesn't make sense, there is so much more involved.
  5. I think Colette absolutely needs above-average survivability, otherwise she would not be able to do what she is designed to do. She definitely wants to be constantly on the front line, but to do that she needs a good chance of surviving IMHO. When comparing her defenses against other masters, I'd ask myself: do these other masters really need so many defenses (as I think Colette does) to work properly? I really don't think every master needs to be equally killable. This is Malifaux, and for me one of the beauties of this game is that you don't necessarily have to kill models in order to win.
  6. Hey @Mason, I would like to ask you if there will be a new rule for shooting into engagement. This is arguably the most hated rule of M2E here in my gaming group. Maybe something like +4 def instead of flipping to see who you hit ?
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