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  1. In our local meta i am undefeated with Ulix, and all the other players complain about how powerfull he is. You can eradicate oponnents with a Wall of Pig (Warpigs, thanks to Old Major are Powerhouses) or you can also do all the interacts you want (thanks to Reckless and Delicious Bacon).The team is card hungry but if you take BBB or Zoraida it's Ok. We discuss about how to counter Ulix but we don't have a consensus about it, also if someone have a good idea on how counter him, i take any idea.
  2. Hi, i'm new to this great game (2 games so far) and i have some questions about it. - Survival of the Fittest: can you eat a fireteam if you already are in Glory ? - Siren's Call: Does all the fireteam must move toward the same pool ? - If an action (like The Spawning) or Stratagem says to Reinforce an unit, do you have to use a Reinforcement Token ? - If a solo Frenzy reinforce, can you respawn 2 Frenzy ? - Are the Versatile Actions of Alpha Crawler "free action" ? Thanks for answers, and sorry for bad English.
  3. I tested Ullix a few times during the beta and I always win, Old Major's aura is very powerful for warpigs and better for Gracie and The Sow. If your opponent targets Major, the other big pigs will ruin him, or the Piglet Army score all the schemes they want. Honestly I think Ullix is one of our best Master now (with The Brewmaster and Mah Tucket) and Major is ver very strong with him.
  4. Hi there. I think this is strange that Mancha Roja can beat you with ANY marker but he can't beat you with any destructible terain... Yes he can use a Smoke Cloud or a Shadow Marker as a weapon (strange, and a bit too powerfull i think) but he can not use a crate, or a barrel, to kick butt... What do you think of that ?
  5. Yep, i think exactly the same thing about Ophelia and her Crew. The team seems strong (and Ophelia kick asses) but there is no fun or particular thing with them. Francois new name is now "GenericBeater number44" and it is the same for almost all this team... Flinch and Feud are meh, and they were very bad at the start of the Beta...
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