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  1. Is there sime problem with Transmortis and\or Basse boxes as well? Already got my second order, with Molly and stuff and Basse and Von Stook that were ordered the same day still aren't fulfilled.
  2. Ok. I understand now. Sad though, that now I have limited edition miniatures, but no cards for them, as I definitely don't want to back nightmare boxes again just for cards.
  3. It's a bit strange then, that there are no nightmare box cards. No carnival, no wild ones, no cat hamelin. They are sold regulary.
  4. Hello. I've finally got my M3E faction packs and I wanted to ask - by what logic there some cards for alts are in or out? For example in ressers pack I've got alt. rogue necromancy but no sign of alt. Sybelle, McMourning. Rafkin or Reva (missing Emelin Bellerose card saddens me most), in TT there are alt. Huggy, Graves and Tannen, even Genbu, but no sign of miss Ann Thorpe or Wild ones. Will we be able to get missing card. for alt. models somehow?
  5. Sorry, but I don't understand why is it so? When measuring los we can ignore blocking terrain pieces with ht less than ht of attacking model or target, according to the rules. Even if Reva is drawing LoS from marker she still is an attacking model, not marker, so why can't we ignore terrain according to elevation rule?
  6. I like overall design of new cards, but wounds should be more readable, I think.
  7. Ok. I'm already confused about materials used by Wyrd I hope that details level won't be worse than it is now with usual plastic used in malifaux and it seem for me that alt. Rasputina crew miniatures are somewhat less detailed, but maybe I'm wrong.
  8. I mean material that christmas Rasputina was made of and, if I remember correct, turtle and rabbit. Guess it is resin. I don't like it.
  9. I'm also very interested in that question. I need ghost town inserts for my Lynch crew and I hadn't found bases from other manufacturers that can be used as an alternative to ghost town.
  10. Great. Hope that it won't be in that new plastic, that wyrds have used for alt. Rasputina.
  11. Nice, though I'd prefer more themed base inserts and accessories. Basing my malifaux miniatures is constant pain.
  12. There is a problem with themes - themeless masters, that have neither keywords nor big enough pool of models to support their theme. For example what will be theme for Seamus? Belles? All two kinds of them? But there is usually 1-2 of them on start, because they are summonable anyway, same problem with Nicodem and McMourning, no keywords, no clear theme, no models to support it. I'm sure, that there are similar masters in other factions. At the same time there are "super-themes", like M&SU, there are at least four M&SU masters and lot of models with that keyword, so it'll be easier to stick to theme and still have broad range of models to choose from.
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