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  1. I like mini-stories and poems in the bios. I don't think there should be a lot of them, but a couple throughout the book really add variety to the book's structure and flavour to the fluff. What a model does is described in the stat card; bios is for what a character is. i miss vignettes and pop-outs describing aspects of the everyday life in Malifaux. In general, I really like that Malifaux books are not just dry rules with bits of fluff here and there - they are, in fact, quite the opposite, they put the lore and the mood first. That's what grabbed me about the game, and pop-outs, vigne
  2. Well, I love Lovecraftian stuff, and the "Dead of Winter" story about Tara sort of reminded me of "The Dark Tower" series - a lone cowboy (cowgirl?) in a strange, surreal world; the overall weirdness of the situation and the chilling loneliness of a hero, who's still determined to see his/her journey to the end... And after that story, neither Tara nor Obliteration give too much of a crap about anything - she's dead, he's mostly helpless, and they both are so beaten down by life that they don't care about much now. Tara knows about the nothingness beyond our world and the futility of all morta
  3. Parker Barrows' crew, definitely. And Sue. Personally, I went with the "Browncoats"/"Dead West meets Cthulhu" themes, so for the core of my band I picked the Tara crew with Dead Authopsies, Death Marshals, Forgotten Marshal, Scion of the Void and some other models that either marginally fit the themes above or just play well (like Hayreddin and Bete Noire). I know that it may not be the best crew gameplay-wise, but it's thematic, and that's all that matters to me. And I'm currently eyeing Dead Outlaws and Sue for the Outcasts' side of the crew. By the way. Dear Wyrd! Tara nee
  4. It does, but it doesn't invalidate @edopersichetti 's feelings about the subject. I was OK with the coffee machine, because I thought it was a cute real-life reference (and it didn't seem out of place, because progress keeps going, even... well, especially in Malifaux), and I know nothing about the hidden meaning of bagels for Americans. The OP's point about "feeling something's off" still stands. Fiction, especially based on alternative history, is a strange beast. The author tries to get some message, factual or emotional, to the readers, using certain facts about the described wor
  5. Thank you all for the responses. I guess I need to do some research before writing angry posts on the Internet... Also, fantasy and alternative history are quite different - we really don't know how the existence of magic affected the development of different nations. I lack the sufficient historical insight to continue this discussion, and whether or not I "feel" something is wrong is really irrelevant, soo... whatever. And now for something completely different. Do you think Malifaux will eventually completely move on from its western aesthetics? The timeline keeps advancing, the t
  6. First thing first: I'm not totally okay with discrimination=\\) Just putting this out there. As for the rest of your post... Hm. You do raise valid points. Apparently I don't remember the lore as well as I thought. And I probably did not correlate the word "slaves" with racism in my mind when reading Toni's description. Again, there are characters of all kinds of nationalities in the fluff, and racial issue does not come up there. I mean, look at Neil Henry's story in the Chronicles - there's plenty of material for this kind of stuff there, but there was none. I can get political and cult
  7. Okay then. Thank you for understanding. Just to clarify: I have nothing against raising heavy subjects in supposedly entertainment-type media, be it board games, videogames, comics or whatever. Just need them to be justified within the world. So, "racism against purple people" (or green people, aka Gremlins) actually sits better with me. (Not sure right now how I would feel about the Gremlins example, but that would depend on the specific story.) As for dancing around... In my opinion, it is better just to include a variety of characters without pointing fingers at the fact of inclus
  8. Thank you for answering, and sorry if I was too negative - didn't want to insult anyone working on the fluff, I'm just frustrated at inconsistencies that, to me, subjectively, seem contrived and jarring. Regarding NDAs - totally cool. I still think there would be mentions of racism in the fluff if it was an issue. I cannot imagine people simply forgetting about their beliefs and prejudices, just because they are in another world now. Somewhere, somehow, stuff like this would still show up. But no - no mentions of it before this particular story. I can get a lot of potential conflicts in t
  9. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ... Saying it now: the following is a personal opinion on the book, and nothing else. Sorry, not buying the Arcanist story at all. Malifaux, Through the Breach and Chronicles had characters of color for a good while now, and I don't recall any racial hate toward them in the fluff. I actually thought that was the point - a way to get more representation in the character pool while carefully dancing around real life issues (kind of like with religion - there are some mentions of it, and room for thought and imagination, but
  10. I believe in the northern regions of the real world people are allowed (and encouraged) to have guns, maybe not with them at all times, but at home - definitely. Because bears. Same thing in Malifaux: because Neverborn, and zombies, and bandits, and whatever. I still don't think it is a good idea for some random guy to flash a shotgun or a bomb in the more civilized parts of Malifaux City, but closer to the outskirts, or in mining towns, - why not? Same with westerns: guns are pretty much a neccessity, but a gatling gun under the bar stand is a bit of a stretch. Like I said, Malifaux is full o
  11. Regarding the prices and economics. Somewhere in the fluff it was stated that the Guild invites workers to Malifaux offering them a 3-years contract, but by the time the contract expires, the workers are caught Breach-side in the web of debts and obligations. That is the Guild's instrument of keeping people in the mines - debts, taxes, loans etc. So yes, you could work for a week or two and buy a nice, shiny soulstone - that is, if you don't want to pay off your debts and are ready to face the consequences. And, again, regarding "Wyrd not wanting us to use magic". Real world doesn't want
  12. I think you are relying too much on the idea of "fun". Now, I know that's what games are supposed to be - fun, but the world they are set in is really not. First of, let's not forget that Malifaux is a frontier world. In the real-life frontier, sure there was a lot of gold - it was literally under people's boots, and a lucky guy could easily find it and wear it. It would attract a lot of unwanted attention, but it was possible. Now, imagine that gold could kill people - like, had gunpowder properties, creating explosions and such. That would change the situation dramatically, wouldn't it?
  13. You are absolutely right about the push effect; removed the redundant collision rule. I do like your wording on the Kick It! action better, simply because it is shorter) And also phrased in a more intuitive way. I don't really see a lot of scoring happening within 5-6 turns - the pitch is quite big, models can prevent other models from moving... It would make killing enemies a more viable strategy, and I don't really want that - it is still football, after all, the ball is there for a reason) I think a bunch of short turns will work better, but it remains to be tested. I did
  14. LordZombie, awesome! Please, let me know how it goes) Meanwhile, I gave it some thought and decided to implement a couple of changes based on Myyrä's suggestions (thanks again!), including the VP scoring rate (it should shift the focus of the game further away from senseless murder and provide a nice catch-up mechanic). I also changed some of the wording, added the model cap and changed the name to something a bit less cringy (other suggestions are welcome). The way I see it, this is now basically a Hardcore Henchmen variant (Hardcore Hooligans?) focused on mobility. I still have no idea
  15. Your wording for Kick It! certainly sounds better) And it is shorter, which is also a plus. The rules for collision with terrain and table edge can be put in the general rules section, that is for sure. I didn't really want to use a TN for this action (it's just kicking the ball, after all), but your variant is still very viable. A couple of things though: - I went with the Projectile mark specifically to prevent the use of this action while engaged; - I added the Black Joker part to replace not meeting the TN, as a chance to fumble the kick. And I like the idea of killing weakened e
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