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  1. They should at least specify the timing of the current trigger. Success or resolving.
  2. Why do you have to have a high mask? Edit: Ah the timing isn't listed so it defaults as succeeding. That isn't how I've seen it played. Good to know.
  3. I think Lady J is in a decent place. Stats are fine. Front side of card. Blindfighter: Makes sense, not bad. Hard to Wound: Was needed imo. Df (m) Counterattack: Great ability. Built in mask would be a nice to have but probably too nice. Inspiring Swordplay: Would be nice if it were Marshals and minions that got the focus. Unnatural Vigor: good synergy for what she does Final Repose: Good for some pools and against models that eat markers. Backside of card: Everything is good imo except: Decay The only thing I’d replace is decay. Stat 5 against willpower. The damage is meh. Injured one just isn’t worth it. Maybe if Injured was just Injured and it gave you minus 2 to Df/Wp but now that Injured goes away at end of turn you need to activate early with Lady J to get use out of it. When Injured was EoA and lowered the other stars it was ok. But even then I wouldn’t use it over Greatsword. I’d replace Decay with one of the old upgrades from 2E. She’s got good mobility and damage as is but I just don’t see any play with Decay.
  4. Control and Engagement. If a friendly model is engaging an enemy model and the enemy model is Obeyed can the Obeyed model interact. No. Because it is still engaged. The only option is to first disengage. An enemy model is engaged by a friendly model. The enemy model is Obeyed. Being what models are friendly to each does not change the Obeyed model even though is controlled by a player still cannot charge, use projectile attacks, or interact because it is still engaged.
  5. I ran into an Obeyer with my Pale Rider. I dumped all my tokens ASAP. I think the Pale Rider is in a good place.
  6. Following Orders: Once per Activation. After this model resolves an Action taken outside its Activation, it may draw a card. Obey: This Action cannot target the same model more than once per Activation. Non-Master only. Target model takes a non-F Action that does not Attach Upgrades or list a model by name, chosen and controlled by this mode Who draws the card? The player who owns the model or player who obeyed the model?
  7. LLC can be really good against a crew with a lot of pushes. Keeps you in position and you don’t waste AP running back in. I usually put it on my living beaters for that reason.
  8. Marcusito


    Yeah I’m with you in the healing. The trigger is a nice touch also but would be better on another model. After the injured nerf Hoffman got knocked down a few notches. I still like his crew and will use it but not as excited to put him on the table.
  9. Lucius was my favorite in 2E. I was getting better at the game in general and I could do different styles of play with him. 3E I was enjoying Hoffman so far until Injured went from useful to ignorable.
  10. Shhhhhh I was going to mimic Nino for a SH 6 on plus flips.
  11. I was just about to post this. Intimidating Authority:After this model is targeted with an Attack Action, it may discard a card to have the Attacking model suffer a - to that Action's duel. Keep him at DF 5 and give him this instead of the no cheat on DF. Raise him a stone.
  12. A 11 SS beater with Df 5 and 9 heath with no other defensive tech once in melee except for Armor +1. I don’t think he’ll last a turn once in melee face to face with another 11 SS’s of a beater. Should have raised his cost and allowed the ability on attack and defense with a card discard. We’ll see how it goes. Edits for clarity.
  13. Long story short he dead. New Inhuman Physiology: Enemy models cannot Cheat Fate when targeted by this model's Attack Actions. Could it be on offense and defense but make the model discard a card instead of completely nerfing it? One health in exchange for not working on defense duels?
  14. I don’t think guild is OP. They are good and overall in a good place in 3E.
  15. Injured - I was able to stack it to 3/4 on 3 enemy models at once and it was devastating. Only during enemy activations seems a good balance. Maybe get rid of the damage/stacking and just make Injured a flat -2 to duel totals during enemy activations and that’s it. No counter tracking, you just get Injured which is just a default -2 on duels totals during enemy activations. Stunned - keep the cannot declare triggers. Cannot use a bonus action unless you discard a card, soulstone or pass token. I wouldn’t get rid of the bonus action penalty all together. Distracted - Let it stack but only suffers a negative when targeting enemy models? Seems ok. Focused - Let it stack but only allow 1 Concetrate per the models activation. I don’t see that harming the Family crew too much. You still get a free Concentrate for pushing. Even Dashal would still be ok, but maybe get rid of the discard for gaining a focus now. You’d have to rebalance a few crews if you don’t allow it to stack anymore.
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