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  1. Marcusito

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    Going to give Hoffman a go tomorrow. Lucius with LadyJ, Lawyers and Agent 46 were oppressive opposite Peridita. I can see Lady J in a lot of lists as a second master depending on the pools.
  2. Marcusito

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I’m looking forward to Cornelius. Austringers and Pathfinders are interesting. Traps that can move? I’m curious as to how home on the range works as well.
  3. Marcusito

    McCabe or Nellie??

    If you are new to war games or Malifaux go with Lucius. He can be good in some pools. The thing he does no other model can do is put out the interact while engaged aura. You can easily get Search the Ruins last turn. Nellie is a top tier competitive model and probably the best Guild master. She can do so much. Propaganda, Hot off the presses, Delegation, activation control, card draw, move models around. Great in most pools. I’m a fan of both and played a lot of Lucius, Nellie is superior but I’d start off with Lucius first.
  4. Marcusito

    Nellie evidence farm

    Glad you mentioned this. I was playing it wrong allowing my defensive trigger while relenting.
  5. With Flaming demise when the condition ends all models take damage within range of the model at the end of the turn. If you have a condition where the model is also sacrificed at the end of the turn does the sacrifice or the Flaming demise go first? Curious if the model is sacrificed at the end of the turn and has demise would the other models still take damage? Also curious because if the model dies from the Flaming demise damage all models around it take 6 damage instead of 3.
  6. Marcusito

    Focus +2 ?

  7. Once Per Turn Actions Some Actions note that they can only be taken "once per Turn." This only refers to the individual model. Although the model may only take the Action once per Turn, other models may still take the Action. Can a model with Obey force an action that is stated it can be taken only once per turn? The wording on Obey, controlled by this model’s controller seem the model using Obey could do it.
  8. Marcusito

    Focus +2 ?

    If a model has Focus +2 can you use one focus or to you have to spend both when you declare focus. Just curious if you have to removed the entire condition for two positive flips for one attack or can you split them up between attacks. 1) Focus: The model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Focused +1: This model may remove this Condition when declaring an Action to gain a number of + to the Action's duel and damage flip equal to the value of the Focused Condition removed."
  9. Marcusito

    Repost and Promises

    Good point. Thanks
  10. Marcusito

    Repost and Promises

    Thanks. I was pretty sure that was the case but in Sidir’s case the Attack Action is named in the description and the damage track is the same at the MI attack in both cases.
  11. Marcusito

    Repost and Promises

    Is Sidir Alchibal’s Riposte considered an MI action? It has the name of the Mrityu blade in the description. If that is the case is Lady J’s Riposte an MI action?
  12. Self Loathing on Candy for example, it has CA5 with a mask and no TN. No triggers. What is the point of even adding a mask?
  13. Marcusito

    Promises Made Upgrade

    Thanks for the explaination. I knew I was getting a little to excited for using Promises with CA actions versus WP.
  14. Marcusito

    Promises Made Upgrade

    Ok, this seems to imply that when I use a CA against someone’s WP I’m in a CA duel so Promises wouldn’t apply and the defender is in a WP duel. The short answer seems to be someone using promises would get positive flips for offensive MI attacks and positives for defense when resisting an opponents attack using WP if I’m interpreting your explaination correctly. Seems an attacker can never be in a willpower duel only CA and MI duels. A defender can only ever be in a DF, WP or sometimes a WK duel.